Episode 60: Vicky Parrott

On this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Vicky Parrott who is a writer, road tester and video presenter. Listen in as we learn how she was indoctrinated into loving cars from an early age, also we find out what is the best car to drive to a toilet in and which car has almost brought her to tears for all the right reasons. Added to that, because I’m rubbish at this interviewing lark I ask more questions after the QuickFire Questions.

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Episode 58: Nick Bailey

On this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Nick Bailey, the founder and owner of Elan PR, a boutique PR agency with clients ranging from racing drivers to Tier One supplier. Listen in as Nick explains how motorsport helped shape his life, from a young age, gloat (he doesn't really) about his car history and explain how to attract the attention of motoring journalists with tyres and infotainment systems.

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Episode 54: Roy Lanchester

For this episode, I am delighted to be joined by Roy Lanchester, a veteran of print media motoring journalism. He has written for such luminaries as Business Hotel, Fighting Dog and Canalling. Roy continues to share his expertise with us via publications such as Harrogate Herald, WhatKitchen, GlassFibre and the great WhatHandLuggage.

Listen in as we hear about Roy's history, his work ethic and his opinions on modern society.

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Episode 49: Paul Cowland


For the first episode of the Rear View on Tour episodes, I am delighted to be joined by Paul Cowland, who is a TV presenter, writer and garage owner amongst a myriad of automotive related roles. Listen in as we hear how he learnt not to be a pushy salesman, how modifying a car that should never be modified can work and how much he enjoys the TV stuff he does.

Paul on Twitter - @PaulCowland_

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Thank you to all at Mercedes-Benz Vans for helping the Rear View on Tour, erm tour, take place! Without their assistance, this short series would not have happened.

Listen to our review of the actual Vito used, that allowed this episode to occur by clicking this link here - Special Edition: Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer.

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