Video and The Motoring Podcast - Don't Panic!

Earlier today, I had a bit of an uncharacteristic public grumble on Twitter regarding the changes to YouTube's decision to change the entry criteria for their Partner scheme, which allows you to monetise your videos. So far, our approach to video has been a bit scattered. We've tried a number of things in order to see what works and, obviously, what doesn't. Some are actually a bit grim and I really should pull them. The last time YouTube changed the terms of engagement we fell out of the programme but, with a bit of effort, managed to pull ourselves back in and closer to "the carrot" whilst still learning what will work for us.

I was pretty demoralised by the new changes. They've moved the barrier from 10,000 views to 1,000 subscribers and/or 4,000 hours of watched content in the last year. The email telling me about it was, literally, the first thing I read today and that set the tone for how the morning was going to be. By lunchtime, I had to tell someone how I felt. It was just meant to be a grumble across 2 tweets to make myself feel better as I find that if I vent gently when things are annoying me then I feel much better and can then focus on solving the problems being faced.

My grumbling, and this was unvoiced on Twitter, were mostly because I felt we'd spent long enough messing with videos and it was time to start looking at it seriously. I had also planned that we would develop, safe in the knowledge that from release it would be adding a penny or two to the MP Coffers (which currently consist of Patreon donations and our pocket change). I had been ready to leap from the metaphorical perch and YouTube had aimed the sights and pulled the trigger as I was unfurling my wings.

Anyhow, you lot have been lovely and what was meant to be passed over as "Alan grumbling, he'll get over it" has prompted a slew of replies and messages which have reinforced my natural stubbornness, so Project Video is very much still going to happen. In fact, it's going to happen even faster and with more effort than before within the following boundaries.

  • Our primary focus is audio podcasts and our current podcast output remains
  • Video should complement, not replace or replicate our existing content
  • Our consumers value quality of information
  • Success is not an overnight thing

That's really as much as I'm prepared to give away right now as Andrew and I need to discuss the plan and my refined format idea in more detail before we get on with it. In the meantime, wouldn't this be a wonderful moment to subscribe?

Thanks, folks!