Living with an EV - Our Top 5 Tips

e've done almost a thousand EV miles now and we've learned an awful lot about what it takes to rack up miles in an electric vehicle. Here are our first 5 observations:


Understand the charging system isn't that complex

  • Really. I know how scary CHAdeMO, CCS, Type 2 and all these other terms are, but really all you have to understand is what shapes are important to you. For our Ioniq, we're only concerned with CCS & Type 2. Know which connectors are important to you and the whole topic becomes much easier.

Everyone wants to help you

  • Honestly. As well as charge-network apps and websites, the crowd-sourced apps like Zap-Map and Plug Share are really helpful for finding charging points across multiple suppliers. This probably won't be an issue when you're dodging around locally, but when venturing further they can be a godsend. The maps aren't always fully up-to-date though, so be aware of the last time information was updat. Also, you can ring up the network providers and they will tell you the reported status of the chargers and how recently they've reported back to base.

Check your phone for charging success

  • We've found a correlation between how much phone reception we have and the chance of charging success. This means that beware of either extremely rural chargers or ones in underground car parks. This also means it's much harder to phone up and report the charger's not working - it's a vicious circle...

Have a Plan B

  • See above... It doesn't have to be complex, but when travelling to new places make sure you have some spare charge. It's a reason why we've been doing sp many charges per day, always arriving at the planned charger with enough spare to get to your backup. One thing we've discovered (after the start of Day 2) is that you shouldn't leave the car empty of charge overnight, just in case. It fairly ruins the start of your day otherwise.

Use it, don't lose it

  • If you're somewhere, and there's a compatible charger, and the charges suit, use it. Every few minutes plugged in helps. The ideal situation is, of course, to have a home charger so the car's ready for you every morning you go to it but that's not always possible.

For more tips and to ask any EV-related questions then please get in touch via any of our usual social media channels and we'll do our very best respond.