Charging 'Round Britain - The Announcement

Regular listeners to the Motoring Podcast News Show will have already heard us announce this, but we're off on An Adventure. We're not going to end up far from where we started because we're going to spend a week doing a circuit of the UK, about 2,400 miles, from Ormskirk and back to Ormskirk.

Proposed CRB route, completely subject to change (click to enlarge)

What makes this unusual is that we'll be doing it in a battery electric vehicle and, more importantly, we'll be doing it using the existing, public charging infrastructure. We're not going to be using a £100,000 Tesla with the largest battery pack imaginable either; we'll be using a Hyundai Ioniq EV, a car that would set you or me back £25,000 or about the same as a similarly-specified Golf. We will have no back up other than the phone number of the AA to haul us to the nearest working charger - something we don't want to have to use.

We'll be heading south from Ormskirk in the early hours of Monday 28th August and returning on Saturday 2nd September. Where we end up stopping overnight in between depends on our progress, itself dependent on the availability of at least two fast charges a day* (the Ioniq range is about 150 miles). 

Hyundai Ioniq EV - It's even the right colour

Hyundai Ioniq EV - It's even the right colour

Our intention is to share and broadcast as much as we can while we're on the road with daily podcasts, videos, blog posts and pictures as well as updating the charger records on the excellent Zap-Map site we're using as part of the planning process.

We can't wait to get out and get on the road, finding out just how viable EVs are for every day, let alone in the slightly silly context we've conjured up!

*Availability of fast chargers, for reference, is why there's only the slightest slice of Wales in our proposed route - there simply aren't the fast chargers we will need to make progress.