So... We Won A Thing!


You might have noticed that last week we became the proud recipients of the 2017 Guild of Motoring Writers Breakthrough Award. We are, to be British, “rather chuffed” by this recognition, not just for ourselves but for the recognition of podcasting as an automotive media outlet.

We couldn’t have managed this on our own, so in the manner of an Oscars speech, there are many thanks to be handed out. Firstly, of course to the Guild of Motoring Writers and Motoring Reasearch for the existence of the category and the sponsorship of the award.

Next, thanks to all of the organisations, manufacturers and PRs who’ve supported us over the last 2 years both in lending us press cars and inviting us to events and launches. We’re really sorry we can’t take you up on all of your offers and invitations. Thanks also to all of the experienced folk we’ve met and/or been “buddied up” with at these events. You’ve all been so generous sharing your time, knowledge and expertise whilst being great company as well.

Speaking of knowledge sharing, we’ve dragged a lot of you into the production of MP News Show and, particularly, Rear View so thank you to all of the guests who’ve made time to join us for Special Editions, Round Tables and interviews. A part of this is for each of you.

Thanks to our friends, family and colleagues for suffering us doing “podcast stuff” when we should have been relaxing, enjoying the moment or, on rare occasions, doing “pay the mortgage work”. Your flexibility and understanding is never taken for granted.

Lastly, and I’m amazed you’ve made it this far, thanks to our listeners. Your feedback and interaction both via our social media channels and in person is wonderful. We learned pretty quickly that the one thing we must never do is underestimate your intelligence and we love it when you engage in debate. Thanks to all of you who’ve left feedback on the show via podcast platforms, and a special thanks to our Patrons - your contributions certainly help with the financial aspects of keeping a platform up and running.

We’ve got no plans to radically change the way Motoring Podcast is made and produced, although of course we’ll keep learning and tweaking what we do to reflect what we feel works and what doesn’t. We would like to create some more and different content in addition, but that’s still in development and we’ll announce more when we’re ready.

That’s more gushing than I’m really happy with, and I’ve done this to keep it to a minimum in the next episode but, once again, thank you!