Americano With A Splash of Automotive Randomness, Please!

I confess, as "a car guy" I have a list of car-related things I still need to achieve. Some of them are pretty predictable "Own a car with pop-up lights", "Own an Alfa", you know the kind of stuff. On the list until Sunday morning was "attend a Cars and Coffee event" and I can't believe I left it so long.

Redditch Classics is organised by Graham Eason of Great Escape Cars, some of who's vehicles Andrew and I were lucky enough to try earlier in the year. As well as a small selection of Great Escape's own fleet there were about 300 more cars coming and going from a bit before 10:00 until, well, I left about 13:00. Best of all is that the event raised over £600 for Acorns Children's Hospice purely through donations.

What amazed me most about the event was the sheer selection of vehicles that people brought along. There were Amilcars sitting beside Mustangs across from Montegos and along from an unrestored Model T. The sheer randomness was a delight.

Anyhow, enough of my waffle, what you're really interested are the photos but before you scroll on, why not take a second to follow Great Escape cars on Twitter and @MotoringPodcast on Instagram for information on the next event and to be drip-fed photos from the last one respectively.