Paris' Permanent Motorshow

I visit Paris several times a year for various reasons, and one of the highlights for me is a trip to the Champs-Elysées. This isn't for the fashion houses or for an overpriced cup of second-rate coffee, but to visit the various "brand centres" that are along it's length.

These centres aren't showrooms, although at least one has salesmen on hand, but a chance to soak up some of the brand values, buy some branded clothing (even aftershave in the case of one) or toys and to ogle at some of their newest wares or concept vehicles.

With Brownie Points to burn having been dragged around many of the Grands Magasins yesterday I took myself off for 40 minutes to see what Toyota, Peugeot, Mercedes-Benz, Citroën and Renault had to offer right now...

My particular favourite was the Peugeot Fractal, and I understand why it was getting strong, positive reviews at its Frankfurt unveiling. I also loved the concept cars that Citroën was showing - who else could get away with a wheel-less concept and it still be recognisably their brand?

Anyhow, click on the video and enjoy!