What's better than spending a Sunday afternoon stripping down a Beetle engine? Watching others do it!

Much as I enjoy talking about cars and motoring, I find working on vehicles and getting my hands dirty is a pretty good way of relaxing after spending my work week sitting in offices, airports or train stations. I barely feature in this video (I'm the guy in jeans and grey hoodie handing tools to Lorne and Mark) but spending a Sunday afternoon with mates, drinking tea, talking rubbish - thankfully there's no audio - and achieving something mechanical always feels great. 

In this time-lapse we're removing the tinware and fan shroud from the engine so it can be powered coated to get rid of the surface rust and stop it re-appearing. We're also replacing the inlet manifold. You can see that there was one slotted screw that caused a bit of a nightmare. You might also notice that we had to remove one of the exhausts for access and in doing so broke two of the studs...

The main reason for doing this was not actually to create the video, but so we had reference images of what order we'd had to remove bits in case we had trouble with re-assembly.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy most of an afternoon compressed into a couple of minutes!