Episode 198: Special Edition - Ford Fiesta ST-Line Review

Episode 198: Special Edition - Ford Fiesta ST-Line Review

Each month we review the SMMT Registration figures and ask ourselves if the Fiesta really is 1.4 times as good as the next-best-selling car in the UK, the VW Golf. Alan asked Ford if he could borrow the most representative Fiesta they had on the Press Fleet and spent a week with a 3-door ST-Line 1.0 125PS Ecoboost example.

So, is it as good?

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Episode 196: Otto's Uber Out - No Deal Brexit Fear for UK Car Industry, New VW COO, Ford Europe Re-Org On The Cards, Uber Shutters Otto Trucks, Calls to Abolish MOTs, Today's Cars in The Past

Volkswagen invite BMW’s Duesmann to the Board, FCA move quickly to replace Sergio Marchionne following news of his serious ill health, 157GB of automotive manufacturing sensitive data held on public servers, E10 petrol consultation opened in UK, Detroit Motorshow moves to June, Ofgem outlines suggestions on how to cope with expected rise in EV charging numbers, DVLA asking drivers to retake eye tests, Vauxhall/Opel return to profit, Techeetah partners with DS Formula E team for next season, Christopher Svensson looses battle with cancer, Dambrosio named new Mitsubishi Executive Design Director, Lunchtime Read: How to Service a Lexus LFA, List of the Week: France’s Luxury Barges, And Finally: Liberty Walks GT-R.

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Episode 99 : Mellow Yellow - Uber and Waymo, Yellow Car Rally, New London Taxi, Tesla worth more than Ford

This week's show is "Alan Only" so it's a short one...

Follow Up - Uber vs. Waymo, the stand-off continues

Files are still missing and the director of Uber's self-driving vehicle programme is "Pleading The Fifth". Will Uber be forced to halt work? More from Jalopnik and Bloomberg.

Follow Up - Maddox Yellow is now "a thing"

100 yellow cars paraded through the village of Bibury in the Cotswolds at the weekend in support of 84-year-old retired dentist Peter Maddox, who's yellow Corsa was vandalised for "ruining" tourist's photos when parked outside his house. Vauxhall has shown their support by renaming the colour to "Maddox Yellow". More from Autoblog.

London Taxi Company build new Warwickshire Factory

The first new U.K. Vehicle factory for over a decade has been built for London Taxi Company via parent company Geely. More from Autocar.

Tesla more Valuable Than Ford

Street Smart
By Schwartz, Rosen

Tesla’s market cap valuation exceeded that of Ford today following a 7% rise in share value brought about by the announcement that Tesla had delivered 25,000 cars in Q1 of 2017. More from BBC News.

Mexico E-Prix Summary

The Mexico City E-Prix was a chaotic display of skills, spills and overtaking, with Lucas di Grassi working his way from last on the grid to first. Also, Sergio Marchionne has said some stuff. Race report from Motorsport.com, Sergio statements from Jalopnik.

Daily Diesel Toxin Tax

The UK Government is expected to announce a £20 charge on drivers of older diesel vehicles to enter up to 35 sites in the UK. Hooray. More from Autocar.

April Fools

Alan’s Top 5 Motoring April Fools


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Episode 57 : Alfa Romeo and Guilia - SMMT Figures for July, UK Guilia Specs and Prices, Faraday Hires, More Jeep Hacks

This week Andrew’s off-grid so it’s an Alan-only show. Don’t think that means there’s less content though...

  • Italy Announces Volkswagen Fines for #Dieselgate
  • Tesla 2nd Quarter Results - More Missed Predictions
  • SMMT New Registration Numbers for July
  • Renault Becomes Europe’s Second-Biggest-Selling Manufacturer
  • Aston Martin DB11 - Reviews Have Hit The News Stands
  • Alpine - SUV a Possibility
  • Hackers Do It Again - More Jeep Hacks to Be Announced
  • Faraday Future Snatch Another EV Powertrain Expert
  • New Fuel Cell Vehicle Acronym From Nissan
  • Japan Approves Mirrorless Cars
  • UK To Host Autonomous Vehicle Track Days
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Episode 26 : Banging Tables - Formula E shortlisted, DB10 sells for lots, new boss at Lamborghini, Ford Kuga & tech, keyless Volvos, Infiniti Q30, Maserati Levante, MINI Open 150, better MX-5

This week Alan and Andrew continue on with their disagreement over the Alpine concept. However, they both agree that when Alan sees the car it is actually better looking than the reveal pics.

But they quickly move on to news from the week.

Andrew saw that Formula E has been shortlisted for two categories in the 2016 Sports Technology Awards, the Best Use of Technology by a Rights Holder, Broadcaster or Governing Body and Best App (Tournament). Good luck to Formula E,  we hope they win because how they're trying to engage with fans needs to be encouraged and applauded.

The Bond Aston Martin DB10 has been sold at a charity auction, for Médecins Sans Frontieres, went for £2.4M. This is the only one that will be in the hands of a private owner.

Alan saw that Rolls-Royce announced that the current Phantom will go out of production this year. There will be special edition type stuff and commemorative things. All sounding terribly silly, but there you go.

Lamborghini are to get a new boss. The ex-Ferrari F1 head honcho Stephano Domenicali will replace Stephan Winkleman, who will be the CEO of Quattro GmbH which will produce Audi's R and RS models. Top Gear had an excellent post about some of things we need to thank Winkleman for.

Ford have revealed a revised Kuga, some interesting new technology and SYNC 3. The Kuga now has the updated front end and boot. Perpendicular Parking will allow hands free parking which is especially helpful for difficult spaces. There will be an improved Active City Stop, which is their collision avoiding system. Adaptive Front Lighting System to improve visibility in poor lighting.

Volvo will be offering the ability to open and drive your car without a key through your smartphone, via Bluetooth. The chaps are not convinced by this. They want to see more info before really forming an opinion as the information is quite limited at the moment. Andrew and Alan are not sure how more convenient this will be.

Andrew discusses his short drives in the new Infiniti Q30. There will be written review, in due course on the site. Essentially, he likes it and it's a perfect Motoring Podcast car. We are all very sorry for Alan's "joke". Very sorry.

Maserati revealed their SUV the Levante late at night. That made sure it was hotly discussed on Twitter. Andrew, whilst is unsure how to pronounce the name, is keen on the looks from front on, in the reveal pictures, but it becomes more challenging as you move round it for Alan and Andrew. Perhaps white isn't it's best colour as it can wash contours out.

Toyota are going to reveal three models at Geneva. The new Hilux, Proace Verso and C-HR Concept. The C-HR has been entered into the Nurburgring 24hr which will be interesting to watch a C-Segment SUV barrel along in that! Andrew and Alan quite like the looks of the C-HR. And they agree. 

The "fastest production car on the planet" will be reveled at Geneva. The ApolloN is the resurrection of the former company Gumpert, which is now in Chinese hands. We shall have to wait and see if it matches up to the claims.

Alan thought he had found the dullest news item for Geneva, when he read about the Renault Megane Sport Tourer. However, this will come with with four wheel steering. Andrew and Alan do like the looks of this, in the press pics, and are intrigued by the steering.

Andrew then thought he had the dullest news item for Geneva, in the form of the Renault Scenic. But this is more down to his prejudices. Alan quite likes the looks and thinks it's a good looking version of a MPV.

MINI are bringing out a special edition for the new convertible, the MINI Open 150 Edition. The 150 is the number of models that will be available. There will be some special tech, including Rain Warner function and Always Open timer. This will come with the nice new roof that can incorporate a Union Jack pattern woven into it.

To round out the show we get to listen to Alan turn green with envy over the latest MX-5 special edition Sport Recaro, that he wishes he had instead of his one. He may be making a trip to Halford to buy a small wing for his boot lid.

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