Bear Pit - 25 June 2019

FOLLOW UP - VW & Skoda Owners Qualify for $23M Compensation

VW and Skoda owners in the Czech Republic have been awarded compensation after VW failed to object to the claims. Automotive News Europe story here.

FOLLOW UP - Alliance in crisis and Ghosn out of Mitsubishi

Carlos Ghosn has bee relieved of his seat as Chairman of Mitsubishi Motors whilst the Japanese government’s role in the quickly-abandoned FCA merger emerges. Alliance story from Autocar and Japan’s role from AutoNews.

SMMT & CAMM Sign Agreement

The SMMT and it’s Chinese equivalent, CAMM, have signed a collaboration agreement. Given the increasing number of Chinese vehicle manufacturers investing in the UK, that seems like A Good Thing. SMMT press release here.

M4 Pollution-Reducing Speed Limits Become Permanent

The previously-temporary 50mph speed limits on some roads in South Wales put in place to help lower pollution levels in the areas are to become permanent. Link to the BBC story here.

VW Wins Copyright Battle Over Beetle

The daughter of the person who drew the designs for the original VW Beetle was trying to claim some form of ownership over the design of the 2012 and onwards VW Beetle. It’s all very confusing, but here’s the story on Jalopnik.

People Misunderstand “Autopilot”

In a massive bout of “You don’t say?” a survery by the IIHS int he US has discovered that people grossly overetimate the abilities of systems sold as providing some form of vehicular autonomy due to their names. Story from AutoNews.

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Formula E was in Bern, but Alan’s not made it to the track yet. Drivers were unimpressed with the handling of the early crashes at Turn 1, but Vergne’s risky qualifying paid off.

eRacing365 Post Race Notebook

Also, Nissan admits using a twin motor setup in its cars ahead of a “single motors only” rule in the 2019/2020 season. Story from Autosport.

LUNCHTIME READ: Wolf of Wolfsburg

Steve Cropley of Autocar interviews Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess. Story from Autocar.

LIST OF THE WEEK: Autocar’s Great British Women

Autocar has released its annual list of the rising female stars of the UK automotive industry. Read the story here and watch Laura Schwab’s keynote address here.

AND FINALLY: The Design Genius of Marcello Gandini

Major Gav talks us through the best works of one of Italy’s automotive design geniuses. Read the story on Motoring Research.


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