Episode 196: Otto's Uber Out - No Deal Brexit Fear for UK Car Industry, New VW COO, Ford Europe Re-Org On The Cards, Uber Shutters Otto Trucks, Calls to Abolish MOTs, Today's Cars in The Past

Follow Up: RIP Sergio

Sergio Marchionne passed away just after last week's show was recorded. Autocar has an obituary including his life in pictures.

Follow Up: No Deal Brexit is UK Motoring Industry's Nightmare

The UK's motoring industry sees the prospect of, and the uncertainty around, a "No Deal" Brexit. Stores from The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders and Reuters.

Brandstätter Is New Volkswagen Chief Operating Officer

Volkswagen has stuck with their tradition of promoting internally and named Ralf Brandstätter as their new Chief Operating Officer for the Volkswagen brand.

Ford Looks to Reorganise Europe

Ford is looking to reorganise their European operations and range to increase profitability after the recent disappointing sales performance from many vehicles in their range. Story from AutoNews Europe.

Uber Shutters Otto

"Ride Share" company Uber is mothballing its troublesome Otto self-driving truck subsidiary to focus on the development of its "self-driving" cars, according to Jalopnik.

WLTP And The Big Wheel

The new WLTP emissions tests take many factors into account including the impact on efficiency, and thus taxation, of new cars. One of these factors is the wheel and tyre combination, so will buyers choose not to upgrade their wheels to save on taxation? Motoring Research article here.

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Economic Think Tank Calls For Dial Back of MOTs

Economic think tank, the Adam Smith Institute has issued a paper arguing that the MOT is a waste of money for motorists and that we'd be better off without it. Motoring Research argues the opposite.

Lunchtime Read: Car Companies Should Stop Investing In The Past

Transportation Strategy Consultant Lukas Neckermann asks why car companies are continuing to invest as much money in facilities and infrastructure specifically designed to build internal combustion engines and drivetrains as in facilities and research for electric, hybrid and alternative fuels. His article is here.

List of The Week: Todays Cars In The Past

We're used to futuristic versions of today's cars, but what about yesterday's versions of today's cars. This beautifully illustrated listicle on Autocar went almost viral last week but is worth sharing in case you missed it.


And Finally: Petrolblog Is Back!

You've received the sticker, you've watched the £100 Laguna videos on YouTube, but now the whole site has been revamped and It Is Good...


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