Episode 182: It's Big - BMW Bugs, Hamburg Shuts a Street, Zip in an e-Golf, Tesla Model 3 Crashes, SMMT Drives

Andrew's away this week, so Alan's joined by motoring journalist Richard Gooding to talk about some of the week's news and then reminisce about their trip to the SMMT Drive Day last week.

BMW Security Bugs

 Chinese Infosec company Tencent's Keen Security Lab has logged and reported some weaknesses in certain BMWs. They're quite hard to exploit, but you can read more on The Register.

Hamburg's Diesel Crackdown

The banning of Euro 5 and newer diesel vehicles in Hamburg comes into force on Thursday, but it's not as radical as it sounds. 

Zipcar's 300 EVs

The car sharing club is continuing its move towards lower-emission vehicles by adding 300 Volkswagen e-Golfs to their London Fleet.

Milk Floats are Back

Home delivery service Milk & More are introducing 200 StreetScooter electric delivery vehicles to replace diesel ones. They're claiming a 90% saving in fuel costs in the first month alone.

Tesla Model 3 Crash in Greece

A privately-owned Tesla Model 3 has crashed in Greece, but the pan-European infrastructure that was promised at the Model 3's launch seems conspicuously absent. Also, Alan ended up visiting Reddit. Ugh.

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WRC - Citroen Explains Why Meeke Is Out

Citroen's WRC team has explained why Chris Meeke and his co-driver Paul Nagel were sacked following Rally Portugal.

Drive Day Rundown

Alan and Richard chat through some of the cars they drive at the SMMT Drive Day last week and pick out their most surprising drives, their favourites of the day and wonder the massiveness of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. You can even configure your own.

Celebrating the Allegro

Alan hates lazy "Worst of" lists that include it, but Richard has done the opposite and written a piece for Influx celebrating the maligned Austin Allegro

And Finally - Lakeland Motor Museum

Congratulations to the Lakeland Motor Museum for winning the Footman James Best Classic Destination. We'll both be adding it to our list of "Must Visits".


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