Episode 143 : Bigger & Heavier - Nissan Inspections & The Rise of Automatics

This week Andrew’s off gallivanting so Alan’s all on his lonesome. As usual, that means it’s a relatively short show...

Improper in Japan

Nissan, and now Subaru, have been pulled up for improper inspection of vehicles for the Japanese Domestic Market. What are these inspections, and what’s the impact?

Bigger, Heavier. Better?

We all know New vehicles are getting bigger & heavier, but a new Report from GFEI tries to quantify just how much and what the impact is likely to be.

Rise of The Automatics

1 in 3 new cars registered in the UK is missing a clutch pedal. Is it time to start our own “Save The Manuals” campaign, or is this the march of progress?

Wales Rally GB Results

A weekend to remember for Elyn Evans and a pretty good one for Sebastian Ogier too, MSport grabbed a win on Wales Rally GB at the weekend and clinched themselves the Team Championship.

Not-List Of The Week

The Volkswagen Beetle holds a place in the Ethiopian Motoring psyche as a people’s car, but how do they stay on the road? Reuter’s Wider Image has a great piece of photo-journalism on Life After Death for the “Love Bug”.

Regent Street Motorshow and London to Brighton this Weekend

This Saturday sees the return of the Regent Street Motorshow, where London’s premier shopping thoroughfare is closed off to through traffic. Expect American cars (via sponsorship from the state of Illinois) as well as at the usual display of LEVs & ZEVs.

Early Sunday morning sees the Mall fill with veterans setting off for Brighton. Find out the route,  the expected times they cars will be passing significant points and the entry list here.

And Finally - Revival of the Fordest

What could be more gripping than as simple will they / won’t they story about two Iowa guys trying to get an F250 to drive out of the place it was left to rot 26 years before? Nothing, right? Half Scrapheap Challenge, half Mighty Car Mods, what’s not to like?


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