Episode 57 : Alfa Romeo and Guilia - SMMT Figures for July, UK Guilia Specs and Prices, Faraday Hires, More Jeep Hacks

This week Andrew’s off-grid so it’s an Alan-only show. Don’t think that means there’s less content though...

Italy Announces Volkswagen Fines for #Dieselgate

Italy’s anti-trust agency has requested that Volkswagen pays €5million in fines for misleading customers over what has become #Dieselgate...

Tesla 2nd Quarter Results - More Missed Predictions

Tesla's Second Quarter Earnings reveal missed targets despite increases sales and projected overspend on the Gigafactory.

SMMT New Registration Numbers for July

New car registrations are up a bare smidgin over last year but there are still numbers to run through. Also some music...

Renault Becomes Europe’s Second-Biggest-Selling Manufacturer

Renault has overtaken Ford to become the  second largest-selling manufacturer in Europe, but it's still nowhere near Volkswagen.

Guilia's UK Specs and Prices Announced


Aston Martin DB11 - Reviews Have Hit The News Stands

First drives of the DB11 have happened and the praise is high. A picture paints a thousand words, so as well as the Autocar first drive article we recommend both Drew Stearn's Carfection video and Matt Burt's Autocar video.

Alpine - SUV a Possibility

Alpine are talking about an extended range, including an SUV...

Competition Announcement

Congratulations to ContentofCalmelon and Silvery yammy for winning the FormulaE Goody bags!

Hackers Do It Again - More Jeep Hacks to Be Announced

The Black Hat security conference is coming around again and there are more "Jeep Hacks" waiting to be announced. Also, many Jeeps stolen in Houston and cars opened much closer to home...

Faraday Future Snatch Another EV Powertrain Expert

Faraday Future is expanding its EV drivetrain knowledge-base by hiring another veteran GM EV-1 engineer. ("Who Killed The Electric Car?" on IMDB)

New Fuel Cell Vehicle Acronym From Nissan

Nissan announces a Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell-powered (SOFC) prototype that runs on water-blended ethanol. With a cruising range of more than 600km, it is being tested in Brasil, a country where ethanol is a common motor fuel.

Japan Approves Mirrorless Cars

Japan has announced that it will approve vehicles with rear view cameras instead of mirrors. Opinions are split...

The UK To Host Autonomous Vehicle Track Days

Autonomous vehicle test days are to be held across the UK and Europe starting in November.