Episode 52 : Hobby Horses - Tesla mud slinging, PSA Real World MPG, Ecotricity charges, Hackable BMWs, Autonomous Car Consultation, Top 100 British Women, Carfection DeLorean Documentary

After the last two week’s mammoth episodes Alan and Andrew attempt to discuss the motoring news in a slightly shorter episode. Hopefully.

June 2016 Top 10 New Car Registrations

First up, even thought they spoke for over an hour and half they forgot to run through the Top 10 list of cars sold in June, 2016. Alan rectifies this, with, surprise surprise, the Ford Fiesta comfortably being at number one. To see the full list click here and read the SMMT article.

Tesla War and No Peace

Moving on to the ‘Tesla Section’, Andrew talks about how there seems to be a new battlefront emerging. The Pro and Anti Tesla brigades have been out in force, especially after the mainstream press gleefully leapt onto the tragic news of a fatality. Neither side is covering themselves in glory at the moment. Tesla have published a post in response to Fortune Magazine’s article, which you can read here. Meanwhile, the Guardian have a post about how badly Tesla has dealt with everything, which you can read by clicking here.

Let us not forget, whilst mud slinging and personal attacks are going on, that someone has died. Can we all be a bit more respectful, please?

PSA Real World MPG Figures

Alan came across the news that Peugeot, Citroën and DS (PSA) have released the ‘real-world’ mpg of 20 of their models, compared to the official figures generated under the existing testing conditions. PSA have used a simulator, that has been assessed by an independent company, to create these figures. There are some significant differences. Both Alan and Andrew acknowledge this is quite a brave step by PSA and potentially quite clever by being the first to get this information out there. To read more about this click here.

Ecotricity shocks users

Ecotricity, one of the major players in car charging points, announced that it will start charging £5 for 20 minutes when using their motorway rapid chargers. The next morning that was changed to £6 for 30 minutes following customer “feedback”. Blame was put upon Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs using the network too much. Andrew *may* have got a tad cross about this. To read about the changes click here. To read a good article by @Jim_Holder about what the price rise means, click here. @MR_Andrew_Brady wrote about the Outlander PHEV backlash, click here to read it. As was mentioned, here is a snippet from Ecotricity’s Ts&Cs regarding “Fair Use”.

Raids in Germany

Six manufacturers, including BMW, Mercedes and VW, were raided over a potential price fixing cartel for steel. To read more about this, click here.

ConnectedDrive hackable

News came out this week that there are two security vulnerabilities in BMW’s connected cars. Once again a security researcher is forced to release this information to the public because a manufacturer has not responded nor let customers know there are issues. They may well be working on fixes but nobody knows due to silence. Andrew tries very hard not to climb aboard one of his larger hobby horses regarding car manufacturers approach to security and connected cars. He may not have succeeded in staying off it. To read about what the specific issues are click here. Friend of the show @SPCoulson sent the chaps an article on why Tesla lead the way when it comes to security, due to their approach. To read that interesting article please click here.

Autonomous Cars Consultation

The UK Government has launched a consultation about autonomous and connected so that they can create legislation that helps make the UK attractive to help it become a test bed. The report is actually very well written and is an interesting read. Both Alan and Andrew encourage you to read and give your feedback. To get more information click here. This is the link to the excellent infographic which explains the levels of autonomous driving.

Toyota angers Japanese taxi drivers

Toyota’s tie-in with Uber has angered taxi drivers in Japan. They have taken this very seriously, with Akio Toyoda meeting with the head of one of the largest taxi driver organisations.  Toyota is adamant that this will not impact on traditional taxi drivers. To read about this click here, WARNING there is an auto-play video on this page.

Top 100 British Women in Global Automotive Industry

In conjunction with Autocar, SMMT have announced the Top 100 British Women in the Global Automotive Industry. Andrew and Alan think this is a great initiative and hopefully will encourage more women to be part of the industry. Congratulations to Linda Jackson, CEO of Citroën. To read the full list click here.

Carfection DeLorean Documentary

Alan spotted this excellent documentary from the @Carfection team of Alex Goy and Drew Stearne. To see it, and we encourage you do, click here.


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