Episode 47 : Thunder and Lightning - #Dieselgate, New Car registrations, VW and GETT, Outlander PHEV 'hacked', Tesla news, Paris to ban old cars, Subaru IoMTT lap, SEAT digital museum

This week Andrew is somewhere that has connection to the Internet, unlike Suffolk last week.


The chaps start with some follow up, Volkswagen has started the fix on Passats and Passat CCs. This is in the wake of recalls for the Amarok and Gold TDI Blue Motion.

Coventry MotoFest

Alan and Andrew were in the same place at the same time again over the weekend and the world did not end! They went to the excellent Coventry Motor Festival to gawp at cars old and new, as well as see some be enthusiastically driven along a portion of the (infamous) Ring Road.

Honda CR-V on loan

This gave Alan a chance to ride in the Honda CR-V which Andrew has been testing for the last week. As he had the family with him, it might be called stress testing. A Special Edition review will be out soon.

New car Registration figures for May

That time of the month has swung around again and SMMT have revealed New Car Registration figures for May. Once again there has been a slight increase, year on year, of 2.5% with fleet sales doing most of the work. Click here to visit the SMMT page for more details.

Volkswagen get(t)s into bed with ride sharing

Volkswagen have invested in the ride sharing app GETT. Andrew questions why manufacturers are clamoring partner up with every ride sharing company out there. Alan has a good theory why.

Outlander PHEV 'hacked'

One of Andrew's favourite subjects, connected cars, was in the mainstream news this week, with Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs being susceptible to 'hacking'. Andrew explains that this is a relatively simple and old problem that was brought to light 10 years or so ago, with home routers. Simple solution, is to ALWAYS change the password of any device you're given that connects to the Internet. One particular aspect of this was reassuring to Andrew, that once Mitsubishi UK were made aware of the problem they have moved quickly and worked with the researcher who found the problem. Andrew has strong views on companies who don't work with researchers who approach companies with issues they've found.

Tesla Model 3 and superchargers

Tesla have announced that Model 3 owners will not get free access to their superchargers

Tesla Production

That leads nicely into a 'live blog' Alan found where Elon Musk discussed production at Tesla, amongst other subjects. For Tesla specific info you do have to scroll down a bit.

Volvo 850 25 years old

The Volvo 850, which is fondly thought of on the show, is 25 years old! Apart from making Andrew feel old this is a great excuse to look at some cracking pics here, from Top Gear.

Paris says "non" to old cars

Paris is reported to be banning cars that were produced before 1997, during the week, in a bid to help with air quality.

Subaru Isle of Man TT Lap

A Subaru WRX STI was quite nippy around the IoMTT circuit this week. Click here to see the video footage of it breaking the lap record. 

Friend of the show @majorgav was there, here is a selection of a few of his tweets. Click here, here and here.

Seat digital museum

Whilst Andrew had no connection to the Internet, he was forced to buy a magazine. He chose EVO, which had an interesting article about SEAT and their new digital museum, which is the only way to see the heritage models at they don't allow public access currently. Click here to visit SEAT's site and revel in some tasty cars.


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