Episode 48 : Thunderless - JLR in Brazil, Tesla v Daily Kanban, VW & Zipcar, Electric cars in Norway, Car Design Awards 2016, PetrolBlog's St Ives F1 Track

Jaguar Land Rover in Brazil

This week the chaps start the show discussing Jaguar Land Rover opening a facility in Brazil that includes not only a factory but an educational facility. Andrew and Alan approve of companies helping local communities, particularly in low cost countries. To learn more click here

Tesla get cross

The motoring internet was full of a very public spat between the Daily Kanban site and Tesla this week. The start of this was one owner’s Model S suspension failing and what happened after it was brought to Tesla’s attention. To read more about the background to this click here. For more click here. Tesla have responded about reports that their 'Goodwill Agreement’ meant owners could not report issues to the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration. They state that is not the case. 

Andrew and Alan are adamantly against NDA’s being used for problems with cars because that denies potential owners from knowing the truth and therefore are not able to make informed decisions.

Tesla also published a post where they discussed Ed Niedermeyer, one of the editors of the Daily Kanban, and the motives he may have to bring the issue to light. This is where Alan and Andrew believe Tesla have handled the issue particularly poorly. They personally attacked Ed and made inferences about what he might gain from writing negatively about Tesla. To read reaction to the post click here and click here to read the Daily Kanban’s response

Model X Telematics prove cause of crash

More Tesla news, a Model X owner claimed that the autopilot system cause his car to crash when his wife was driving it at slow speed. Upon investigation of the telematics it transpires the driver pressed the throttle themselves which caused the sudden acceleration. Click here to read more about this.

US Car Brands Top 10

Continuing the Tesla theme, they have knocked Volkswagen from BrandZ’s Top 10 car brands. Andrew states, that in the US it is not a surprise VW is on the slide when it comes to brand image. Click here to read the full list.

Zipcar gets VW Golf GTEs in London

In London VW has teamed up with Zipcar, the ride sharing/hiring company. Zipper will now have 50 Golf GTEs available to hire from £7 per hour, which is the same price as a petrol engined Golf. To learn more click here

Alan mentioned the Hyundai ix35 FCV episode, if you haven’t heard it or want to hear it again click here

Electric cars in Norway

Alan was in Norway when the show was recorded, specifically Oslo which has a large proportion of electric and PHEV cars on the road. The chaps discuss why this is and are impressed by the success. To read more about this click here, here and here

Secondhand EV cars

Maintaining the electric theme Autocar published an article about second hand EV margins. Cars can be bought from £6000 which makes them an interesting option. Click here to see what cars they suggest

Peter Stevens Aerodynamics Talk info

Stepping away from alternatively fueled vehicles, Alan received an email about the International Conference on Vehicle Aerodynamics 2016. One particular talk caught his eye, Aerodynamics by Design with Peter Stevens. If this is of interest to you click here to learn more

Car Design Awards 2016

Car Design Awards 2016 were, arm, awarded last week. Volvo won for Brand Design Language. Aston Martin DB11 for Production Cars. Mazda RX-Vision for Concept Cars - Alan may have waxed lyrical once again about this car. Click here to read about this

St Ives F1 Track

The chaps round the show out with a brilliant video from PetrolBlog and friend of the show @MajorGav. Gavin is suggesting a St Ives F1 track, to prove it’s suitability he drives a Skoda Citygo Monte Carlo. Do go view the vid as we here want Gavin to produce more like this

Coventry MotoFest

Click here to read the post from Alan with an associated video about our visit to the Coventry MotoFest.


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