Episode 40 : Autonomy in the UK - Porsche R&D Reshuffle, UK Gov Vehicle Surveillance Tests , Volvo UK Autonomous Vehicle Trial, Moscow ePrix, Sergio Expands Ferrari Role...

Apologies for the lateness of release, but this week regular programming continues, with Alan and Andrew beating through the news of the week. The fact that this is "The Big Four Oh" went completely unnoticed...

Porsche R&D Boss Swap

Porsche's research and development boss, Wolfgang Hatz, steps down after 5 years to be replaced by head of quality management, Michael Steiner. Alan and and Andrew have a brief look at his highlights and discuss who both gentlemen are and what they've achieved at Porsche.

Government "Surveillance Tests" of Vehicles

With much scaremongering in the headlines, the UK Government announced plans to spot-check real production vehicles through the life of a vehicle. Alan and Andrew read between the headlines and discuss what's actually been announced and why.

Volvo To Launch UK Autonomous Trial

Volvo to launch the UK's biggest autonomous vehicle trial as part of a global initiative. How does this differ from other autonomous vehicle trials? Alan and Andrew cover how it's all about how real people will use autonomous cars as part of their life rather than mass data capture. Check out the video at the bottom of the Autocar story for a full 3 minute overview.

Moscow Formula E - Reading Between the Lines

Alan and Andrew discuss the lack of overt enthusiasm from drivers for the Moscow ePrix prior to the announcement that it isn't taking place. Alan then enthuses in a fanboy-like-manner about the prospect of the Berlin ePrix taking place in the former-Eastern sector of Berlin around Alexanderplatz.

Ferrari "Gains" A New CEO

Forthcoming winner of the Motoring Podcast Egoist Of The Year, Sergio Marchionne expands his role of Chairman of Ferrari to become Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well. Alan & Andrew take a look at how he could generate more revenue for Ferrari without building an SUV. Baseball caps are mentioned...

Meanwhile, Ferrari Norther Europe also had its "strongest ever"  first quarter with shipments up 15% and earnings per share up 13%. Loads more impressive-looking numbers are in their press release.

10 Million European Toyotas

Congratulations are in order to Toyota for reaching the impressive milestone of having built 10 million vehicles in Europe.

BMW i3 Range Increase

BMW have announced, to interested prospective owners before the press, a significant increase in i3 range. Alan and Andrew discuss the effect this would have on range anxiety and, most impressively of all, how BMW have made this battery upgrade available as an upgrade to existing vehicles too. "Chapeau, BMW!"

Porsche Panamera "Family" Looks Likely

It's likely that the next-generation Porsche Panamera will have a family of bodystyles, with an estate version extremely likely and the option of five seats rather than the current four. With this news Andrew adds it back to his list of potential future Windscreen-wagons. Or something...

New TVR to be Unveiled at London Motor Show

In an announcement before the London Motor Show media day, Gordon Murray Design announced that the new TVR model, to be built using their iStream production technique would be unveiled at the London Motor Show.

Nearly-new McLaren F1 On The Market

Want the very last short-tail roadgoing McLaren F1? Don't fear, it's for sale via McLaren Special Vehicle Operations but you will need about £15,000,000. Alan waxes lyrical about it. Andrew audibly rolls his eyes! 

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