Episode 34 : And then there were three - Project 2CV update, Tesla quietly announce the Model 3, Petrol Pump prices rise, Maybe the end of ICE cars in Holland, Sneaky VED increases in 2017

This week Alan and Andrew are joined by Richard Gooding, Acting Editor of Green Fleet Magazine. 

The chaps start with an update to friend of the show, Ian Seabrook of Hubnut.org. Due to the generosity of people from the internet the project continues to move forward. Click the link here to see progress

Moving on to the news, Alan discusses the quiet and reserved launch of Tesla’s Model 3, just in case anyone had missed the media coverage! The launch has done it’s job as Andrew, Alan and Richard talk for quite a while about Tesla. 

Andrew comes off his long run to talk about the recent rise in petrol prices at the pump, even though oil prices have remained static and even dropped. A cynical Andrew wonders, cynically, if they’re, cynically, trying to profiteer from the school holidays. But there’s probably no connection. They also discuss how lowering petrol prices, or more specifically the VAT or tax the government seek, then people spend more money elsewhere therefore stimulating the wider economy.

Continuing on the theme of politicians, the Dutch lower house of parliament has passed the motion banning the sale of new internal combustion engines from 2025. Alan, Richard and Alan try to step away from a gut reaction of scoffing at the suggestion and actually consider it. They conclude that it should be possible to install the infrastructure required to ensure this is practical, if a government was serious about such plans. Informing the public of the capabilities of electric and hybrid vehicles is also key to something like this succeeding. For many people they are viable and realistic forms of transport but they probably don't realise it.

Parkers looked into the recent budget details, after the dust has settled a bit. They found that VED rates for “green” cars is changing in 2017. Currently, cars under 100g/km do not pay VED, from 2017 they need to be at 50g/km. This isn’t widely known and may well catch some people out. Check out the article to see how you could be affected. 

The recording was split, at this point, because they all moved on to discussing the real reason Richard was on the show, which is to explain the bewildering options for those considering buying an alternative fueled vehicle. Please look out for Episode 35 for this.

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