Episode 38 : Estate of Demise - Mini Saloon, Jaguar Wagons, Aston GT8, Mahindra e2o

This week Alan is, once again, on his own so it's another short headlines show to accompany the Special Edition. The good news is that the episode numbering is back in sync...

BMW 7-Series Airbag Recall

According to Motortrend, BMW has had to recall 6110 vehicles in the US over potential issues with their airbags. There's no indication whether UK market cars are affected.

MINI Saloon Rumoured as 5th Model in Range

Rumours via Autocar are that after MINI has replaced its Countryman, the 5th and final model in the range will be a saloon aimed at the US and Chinese markets where saloons are more popular than hatchbacks.

End of The Road for Jaguar Estates

According to an interview with Nick Gibbs of Autonews Ian Callum, Jaguar's design chief, has said that there won't be any more estate Jaguars for the foreseeable future. This is down to the limited global market for estates and a burgeoning global markets for SUVs like the F-Pace.

Aston Martin Vantage GT8 Limited Edition

Aston Martin are to produce 150, £165,000 special edition cars based on the V8 Vantage and inspired by the GTE race car. Many options are available from a full aero-package to weight-saving plastic buttons on the dashboard instead of glass ones. You know, #BecauseRaceCar...

FCA Can Copy A Successful Electric Car "And Put It On The Market Within 12 Months"

That's according to FCA chief Sergio Marchionne in a press Q&A session following the shareholder's meeting an Amsterdam says Inside EVs. Alan wonders why the conventional Giulia, surely no more than a 5-series with added Italian style, is taking so long...

Mahindra Launch e2o BEV

Robert Llewellyn was at the launch of the Mahindra e2o in London last week/ The e20 is the replacement for the egregious G-Wizz that can still be spotted limping around some parts of London. The e2o is priced from £13000 to £16000 and, in Alan's eyes at least, posesses challenging aesthetics. Can it succeed priced so close to larger, more established BEVs from the likes of Nissan and Renault? 

Apple's Titan Berlin Rumour

Greenfleet.net reports that German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung claims Apple's "Project Titan" EV is being part-developed in central Berlin and that the production partner will be Austrian automotive outsourcer, Magna-Steyr.

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