Episode 28 : It's a S90 not a SC90 - iTunes Review, #Project2CV update, Feb New Car Reg Figures, New VW CO2 Figures, Autonomous HGVs on UK roads, Car of the Year Awards, Happy Birthday BMW

This episode begins with the chaps saying a big THANK YOU to the kind listeners who've posted ratings and reviews since last week's plea. By doing so there has been a noticeable difference in the podcast's position in iTunes charts.

Firstly Alan and Andrew thank @Joe_Hallenbeck for his kind words. By the way he owns a gorgeous E28, no really it is amazing! His daily driver is his trusty Rover 75.

Next Andrew and Alan thank Bruce for his wonderful review. He's much more eloquent than either of the presenters!

Finally Alan and Andrew thank @BuddaPSL, the Gothenburg correspondant, who posted some lovely words, which they managed to understand with the help of Google Translate! By the way, he has a cracking Subaru BRZ!

In more Follow Up, Andrew discusses #Project2CV, Ian Seabrook's accidental crowdfunding of the restoration of his 2CV, Elly. Ian has posted a new video showing the new progress he's made on striping down the car. He's found rust, which he expected, but an awful lot of it too. As of last night the fund had reached £1700. If you can support his endeavour please do.

Now, moving onto the news the chaps are pleased to talk about the rather excellent February figures for New Car Registrations, from SMMT.

Andrew explains the #Dieselgate update from Volkswagen. They've released new figures for the small number of cars affected by incorrect CO2 stats. This only amounts to about 190 cars on UK roads, apparently.

With thanks, once again to @TalesofanAlfa, Alan and Andrew were made aware of the news that autonomous HGVs will be trialed and tested on the M6 in Cumbria soon. This is the first step in seeing such vehicles on UK roads.

Alan is happy because he gets to mention "Mazda" and "MX-5" as it won the UK Car of the Year Award 2016.

These were not the only award winners. Car Design News have their own annual awards, one for Concept Car, which the Porsche Mission E won; and Production Car, which the Volvo S90 won.

The show wishes BMW a Happy Birthday, as the company is 100 years old! They have started their centenary year with the Vision Next100 concept car unveiling. There will be more to come from BMW over the year and we cannot wait to see what they will show us!

Andrew rounds the show out with news that Volvo will be selling Polestar performance parts for your car, that won't invalidate your warranty! This is brilliant news for fans of rapid Volvos.

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