Episode 33 : Andrew was right many times - New York Motor Show, Mass Market Autonomous Renault-Nissans, More Average Speed Cameras Call, Great Escape Cars RoadTrip

This week Alan and Andrew are under the weather, but the gamely solider on, just for you dear listeners. 

Andrew starts the show with some follow up. The Goodwood 74th Member’s Meeting will be show on ITV4 this week at the following times Thursday 31 March at 21:00, Friday 1 April at 20:00, Saturday 2 April at 07:15, Sunday 3 April at 18:15. Also ITV will be showing highlights on Tuesday 5 April at 23:40.

Moving on to the news, the chaps start with the New York Motor Show 2016. First up, is the Mazda MX-5 RF, an MX-5 with a folding hard top, which actually ends up being a targa top. As the resident expert on all things MX-5 Alan explains this car and his desire to see if the rear is different to the soft top, as was the case with the last generation, and to see it before he wants to fully announce his thoughts on the looks.

Nissan have updated the GT-R. The exterior has been lightly touched up and the interior made more luxurious and comfortable. 

Toyota revealed the updated GT86. Both Andrew and Alan are impressed with new aggressive look which is subtle yet purposeful. There are no changes to the engine, this is a cosmetic exercise. 

Andrew issues an impassioned plea to manufacturers of the SUV Coupé niche to stop, using the new Mercedes GLC Coupé at the springboard for his crossness. He does not like them, he does not like green eggs and ham!

Alan then moves on to safer territory with the Lincoln Navigator concept. Oh, blast. No, this just allows Andrew to get cross once again. Obviously this isn’t a car for the UK, but the silly steps and doors deserve a mention. Hopefully they’re just there to allow a better view of the interior. 

Alan is a bit underwhelmed by the new Audi R8 Spider. Andrew gets the opportunity to talk about his theory that the R8 is the NSX of today. A usable supercar that boils down the essence of what makes a supercar, erm, super. Alan concedes that Andrew is on to something.

Finally, the chaps discuss the Toyota Prius. Confusingly called Prius Hybrid, this one promises to be the most driver centric Prius to date. Andrew is not a fan of the looks, but as Alan points out this isn’t a UK spec car so they’ll have to wait to see one of those before making their minds up.

Whilst at the New York Motor Show, Carlos Ghosn who Andrew cannot pronounce it would seem, announced that Renault Nissan would have mass market autonomous vehicles for sale by 2020. Andrew is surprised by this timescale, unless much secret work has been taking place away from prying eyes. Legislatively and technologically there will have to be many strides forward before this can happen.

The Transport Committee suggested, last week, that more average speed cameras be deployed to counter the drop in actual traffic officers. The chaps do not agree with treating the symptom and not the cause. Both ask for more traffic officers to be employed and used. Most traffic issues are due to bad driving, not speeding. But, speeding is easily quantified and makes a great headline for people who don’t really know the issues.

The World Car of the Year Awards were announced. Alan would like to thank his Mum and Dad, his Sister, his maths teacher…oh hang on. On the show, Alan did accept the awards for World Car of the Year and World Car Design of the Year on behalf of the (his) Mazda MX-5. But, in all seriousness, those awards are great for Mazda, who that show heartily congratulates.

Last week you’ll remember Andrew and Alan recorded the show in the same room for the first time. They were together because Great Escape, classic car hire, had invited them down to participate in one of the day trips, experiencing a selection of cars on the roads of the Welsh borders. Both thoroughly enjoyed their day out and recommend that you clicking the link here to find out more about what Graham and his team can offer you

Before closing the show Andrew mentioned a new book that has been released, Build Your Engine Coffee Table (this is not an affiliate link). Perfect for DIY motoring nuts. Let’s all be honest here, we secretly want such a table don’t we. 

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