Episode 27 : Dropping of Bits - Aston Martin building cars in South Wales, Crowfunding a 2CV, Google car accident, BMW M3 & M4 Competition Pack, Alan's Must Sees, FIAT Kung Fu Panda & Gymkhana 8

This week the show begins with Alan mocking those who were affected by the Geneva taxi drivers strike and train hold ups. If they'd only watched his video guide to the Geneva Motor Show.

They move on to things that are unrelated to Geneva, starting with the new manufacturing base in South Wales that Aston Martin will build the DB11, DBX and RapidE. If anyone knows how to pronounce RapidE that would be helpful! Both Andrew and Alan are glad to see further investment in the UK. Aston taking the fight to Tesla is considered, which they look forward to hearing more about in due course.

In a rare moment of consumer advice, Alan found a report on appealing parking tickets is a postcode lottery. Don't park badly in Wandsworth is the advice from YourParkingSpace.co.uk. Alan also came across a new service at DoNotPay.co.uk which is an AI that helps you create letters and appeal parking fines etc.

Andrew saw a wonderfully heartwarming story involving friend of the show @Dollywobbler, he of HubNut.org. He was forced to put his 2CV, Elly, up for sale due to cash, time and space constraints. The good people of the internet decided that wasn't on and have been offering Ian help, parts and money. By accident a crowdfunding project has started and Elly will continue to stay with Ian, which is brilliant to hear.

The first accident involving an autonomous Google car that they have admitted partial liability for has occurred. Andrew and Alan are amazed that this is the first of it's kind, considering how many hours of driving has taken place. They are impressed by the algorithms that are running those cars! Thank you to @TalesofanAlfa for spotting that and letting the chaps know, and we're happy that your car passed it's MOT!

Unfortunately, they cannot put it off any longer. News items turn to Geneva. Next week will be a proper catch up episode as there has been so much news on the day of recording they haven't had a chance to digest it.

Andrew starts off with the BMW M3 and M4 Competition pack announcement. Apparently this is brilliant. A discussion cropped up about how manufacturers do keep coming out with models that out-do the last ultimate version. Handily, this allowed Alan to mention his MX-5, but at least in context this time.

Alan is off to Geneva this weekend. Andrew asked him what he's looking forward to seeing. There are a few cars on his "Must See" list. Follow the podcast Instagram account here to see what Alan sees. The bonus here was that Andrew got to moan about the Opel GT Concept. Again. Here is the link to the @Carfection YouTube vid about the Morgan EV3 concept.

One car that did warrant a mention was the FIAT Kung Fu Panda Panda. Yes, really. By bringing the Panda up, it allows Andrew to wistfully yearn for a drive in a 4x4 Panda.

To close out the show, Ken Block, he of the peerless sideways driving stunts, has released Gymkhana 8. This time he is in Dubai and the expected lunacy ensues. Go check out the video here.

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