Episode 31 : Moab not Mojave - Alan at Rockingham, More iTunes Reviews, US VW Boss goes, Top Gear outrage, 7 Jeep Concepts, Ariel & Honda engines, Volvo S & V90, Fleet News Awards, LEGO Caterham

Alan went to his local race track at the weekend. He was at Rockingham to watch the Drift Matsuri meet. In case you missed it in a previous episode, here is the link to Alan’s post about supporting local race tracks. There is a video of what he experienced.

The podcast has had two more wonderful rating and reviews. Firstly, thank you to Peter Wallace for his lovely stars and words, it is much appreciated. 

Far, far exceeding any effort Alan and Andrew hoped anyone would go to, Simon Searle not only left a rating, not only left a review but to do so he installed iTunes on his machine! The Motoring Podcast salutes you Simon!

Starting the news, unfortunately it is not great for VW. More fall out from #Dieselgate. Quite surprisingly Michael Horn, the US boss, has left the company “with immediate effect”.  Only time will tell what impact this has on Volkswagen in America.

People were outraged - sorry - OUTRAGED at pictures of Top Gear filming Ken Block doing doughnuts, apparently near the Cenotaph. Not letting context or actual facts get in the way, people furiously expressed their outrage.

Jeep and Mopar have announced seven concepts, to celebrate the 50th Annual Easter Jeep Safari, set to take place in Moab, Utah. Andrew and Alan may have got a little giddy over these concepts. They are rather wonderful. Here is the link to the Petrolicous Jeep and caravan video, that Alan was reminded of. 

Alan came across an article that puts a different perspective on Sergio Marchionne's recent strategy and statements regarding FCA and the future of the motoring industry. Contrary to the belief that he is out of touch, it suggests he’s the only one from the established manufacturers who actually understands what is happening. 

There is good news for lovers of very fast stripped out cars, Ariel has agreed with Honda, that it will keep using the Type-R engines to push their vehicles even quicker around tracks near you! Saggy faced people of the world are said to be delighted at the news.

The Volvo S and V90s are on sale now. The Volvo Configurator is up and running too Rumours that Andrew has spent many hours, already, on this are yet to be confirmed. 

Fleet News Awards 2016 were announced. Unsurprisingly this is aimed at the fleet market, but once again the Vauxhall Astra and Audi A4 pick up awards. These two must be very special cars indeed!

The ‘think-tank’ Policy Exchange has proposed that new diesel cars be charged an extra £800/year VED and that a scrapage scheme be launched to get old polluters off the road. Does this potentially have an impact on the future Cracked Windscreen Horde Hauler? 

Christmas lists will already be filling up at the news that LEGO will be releasing Caterham Seven models later this year. Once again Andrew and Alan may have got a tad giddy over this news.

Friends of the show Ian Seabrook and Gavin Braithwaite-Smith have been involved in the production of a new magazine, Retro Japanese. There are rumours that Alan’s VehiCROSS may feature somewhere within too! If you would like to get your copy please follow the link here (this is not an affiliate link - the chaps get nothing from this but want to support an excellent publication).

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