Episode 22 : No I mean Andrew Brady - Last Defender, Alfa scales back plans, Toyota owns Daihatsu, relationships with manufacturers, Opel GT concept, Porsche 718 Boxter, Alan's guide to Geneva

This week's news involves Defenders, Alfa Romeo, Toyota and Daihatsu, autonomous driving research, evolving world of motoring journalism, GT concept, Porsche 718 Boxter, Mitsubishi design studies and Alan has another video.

Last week you will remember that Alan and Andrew told us that Land Rover would produce the last Defender in Solihull. Good job they did or the world would've missed it! Okay, so one or two journalists may have been there. It all got a bit meta with journalists being photographed photographing journalists photographing journalists photographing a production line. A special bravery award for Andrew Brady, as he took a Jeep Renegade to the Solihull plant for this momentous event.

Moving on to new news, Alfa Romeo announced a scaling back of their ambitious plans for increasing sales and new models. The original plan had a new mid sized car out by 2015 and then a further seven models out by 2018. Andrew is worried that the new plans won't be fulfilled when you scale back on investing in R&D, manufacturing and product investment. Both Alan and Andrew hope Alfa do come out with new, exciting, good cars that sell lots as everyone wants Alfa to be a success.

Alan talks about how Toyota are going to take full control of Daihatsu. Daihatsu will still remain it's own entity, with Toyota now having full access to their expertise in small cars. Andrew goads Alan over the lack of personality in small Toyota's. Alan reacts predictably.

In the same week that Jaguar Land Rover kill off the old, they announce how they are moving forward, with research into autonomous and connected cars. Andrew does not quite don his tin foil hat for this. Alan and Andrew discuss what "driving like a human" may mean.

Andrew spotted this tweet from @BarkM302 regarding someone at Hyundai's Super Bowl advert preview. He was scathing of @JessicaGottlieb and how she chose to comment when at the preview of the said ad. This prompted a discussion on the evolving online world for manufacturers, journalists, bloggers and how they all interact.

Opel released images of the GT concept that will be at Geneva (oh goody, releasing info about a car show well in advance of a car show, yawn). Alan is a big fan of this, whist Andrew most definitely is not. They carried on rowing via twitter too.

The Porsche 718 Boxter has been revealed prior to Geneva. The engines will be turbocharged 4 cylinder - wait for the howls of derision from Porsche anoraks throughout the world. Interestingly, the Cayman will be cheaper. Andrew and Alan go slightly off topic by discussing their admiration for the Cayman.

Mitsubishi have teased that they will have new "design studies" at Geneva, for the ASX and L200.

And finally, Alan has created another video. This one is a guide to attending the Geneva Motor Show. He has been a few times, so actually knows what he's talking about. Go have a look see here