Episode 25 : Grumpy Andrew Night - 25 shows in, Top Gear presenters, Top 10 car colours 2015, new Alpine, Alfa in F1, many SUVs at Geneva, Spyker is back, Volvo V90, Merc execs to drive electric cars

A momentous episode for Alan and Andrew. They're up to No. 25! Thank you to all who've listened and been in touch with the chaps, they both really appreciate everyone who has bothered.

Moving onto the news, before we get all emotional and an Oscar winning rambling thank you begins.

You may have heard that new, new Top Gear has decided on the line up of presenters. And there are a few of 'em. We knew about Chris Evans, The Stig and Matt Le Blanc. One of the final slots were filled by Rory Reid, who was unknown to the chaps before. But go watch his review of the Alfa Romeo 4C here. Alan and Andrew are confident he'll slot in nicely!

Sabine Schmitz is also going the gang. She is an excellent racing driver, who you will remember from a couple of appearances on old, new Top Gear. To remind yourself of her skills, have a look at the vid on this page here. Alan gets to reminisce of his time at the 'Ring, where she drifted past him, whilst driving one of the Ring Taxis. Rumors he and his chipped Yaris were lapped by a London Black Cab are unconfirmed.

Chris Harris, he of Chris Harris on Cars YouTube channel as well as many magazines and the DRIVE YouTube channel before that. Chris can drive, as demonstrated by last year's Goodwood Revival, check out that vid of him in the Fordwater Trophy in a Porsche 356.

The final position is filled by Eddie Jordan. Alan scratches his head as to why. But we'll all get to find out what the format is and how it will pan out in May when the show will be broadcast. Whilst Clarkson, Hammond and May's show is due out in the Autumn, it is rumored.

Stepping away from entertainment, Andrew discusses the Top 10 Colours for Cars 2015! For the third year, it's white. Andrew calmly expresses his dislike of this. OK, not so calmly.

Alpine reveal their new model. Alan is quietly hopeful of this. Andrew is less than sympathetic. In fact he may go as far as "disappointed". OK, he get's cross again. The chaps have to agree to disagree again.

In an effort to continue raising Andrew's blood pressure, they move onto news that Alfa Romeo is thinking about going back into F1. A couple of weeks after announcing reduction in R&D and manufacturing investment Marchionne suggests this would be good for the brand. Andrew starts off cross, but then gets depressed as he's worried this is one of the final nails in Alfa's coffin. Both Alan and Andrew only want a good, healthy and innovative Alfa to exist, this does not look like that.

More Geneva leaks have been revealed this week. The chaps start with the Vauxhall Mokka X, which gets a refresh and name change. "X" will now denote their SUVs.

But that's not the only SUV to be at Geneva. Audi have a Q2 and RSQ3. Maserati will have their Levante. SEAT have the Ateca. ŠKODA will be there with the VisionS concept that will basically be the Kodiaq. Ssangyong will have the Tivoli XL and SIV-2 Concept. Subaru will be there with a preview of the new XV.

Spyker isn't dead! They'll be at Geneva with a new car, the C8 Preliator. Very little is known but both Alan and Andrew do want more bonkers cars!

The Volvo V90 will be revealed at Geneva. Andrew and Alan are very keen on this car. Andrew, once again, drops in the mind controlling subtle request (or is that demand) for a Polestar version. The announcement brought out many articles about Volvos of old, friend of the show, Gavin Big-Surname had the best with this one.

The show is rounded off with the news that Mercedes-Benz executives are being told they must drive electric versions of the company's cars. The chaps think this is a great idea, as nothing will speed up the development of their electric car development more than the execs having to use them.

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