Episode 23 : Cure for Hangovers - JCW MINI vid, SMMT new car figures, VW sued & Group QA Head is off, Matt Le Blanc, EU NOx levels, Formula E, Citroen and Ferrari reveals, Richard Porter's book

The influence of this podcast grows. Not only do manufacturers change their tack upon Alan and Andrew's proclamations but now they cure hangovers! Thank you @TheFaceOfBen for confirming what the chaps have suspected for some time. Oh, and go listen to Smooth Traffic, from whence Ben comes, it's very enjoyable.

During the BMW MINI day Alan managed to make a video of his impressions of the MINI John Cooper Works. If you haven't heard the podcast episode, go here. To watch the video, go here

Start of the month means we get the SMMT figures on new car registrations. This is the best January since 2005, with a growth of 2.9% year on year. Andrew nearly gets a headache when Alan puts him on the spot over a who has sold more moment. As ever, the chaps are delighted that the trend maintains it's upward climb.

In dissecting the numbers, Alan predicts when the next Juke will be launched. We will report back on that as his deadline approaches.

Returning to #DieselGate, now Volkswagen are being sued by New Jersey for "violation of state air pollution and consumer fraud laws, the state is seeking restitution to consumers". Further details can be read in the Autonews article, that quote was taken from.

In more VW news, the group quality assurance head has left the company. Frank Tuchs requested to be allowed to leave the group, but will remain an adviser. Andrew apologises for his appalling pronunciation.

Yo may have missed the announcement, last week, that Matt Le Blanc will be one of the presenters on the new, new Top Gear. Twitter seemed to loose it's mind over this. Gavin Big-Surname, at Motoring Research, reported back on this. Alan was so pleased with the number of "second gear" jokes. Andrew and Alan are looking forward to the new car shows, that are in the pipeline, as we'll all have some choice.

Manufacturers have been given a bit of breathing room, over exceeding NOx emission limits, after a EU Parliament vote. Andrew failed, miserably, to remember what the agreed limits and timescales for exceeding NOx limits are. This Motoring Research article explains it all.

Formula E was back, at the weekend. Sam Bird, for DS Virgin Racing won. Alan explained that the drive of the day went to Sébastien Buemi for ending up only 0.7 sec behind Bird, after starting from the back. Here is the link to Episode 7, where Alan chats to Graeme Davison, from Qualcomm, about Season 2 of Formula E.

As Geneva approaches, so more "leaks" occur. Andrew starts with the Citroen Spacetourer Hyphen. To Alan's surprise, Andrew really likes this. As you may know Andrew is not a fan of MPVs but has no problems with a van-type vehicle that is adapted to carry people and stuff.

Moving on to a car that is more suited to Alan the Ferrari GTC4Lusso - no that's not a typo, it seems the space bar is broken at Ferrari. Forgetting that, Alan and Andrew do drool over the pics of this fab looking replacement to the FF. In the highly unlikely event that anyone from Ferrari is listening, Alan would happily take it for a test drive when it comes out.

In Epsiode 17, Alan said he had read @SniffPetrol's book "And on that Bombshell". Well now Andrew has listened to the audio version and thinks it's excellent! He explains how he felt the section about Richard Hammond's accident made you feel as though you were there with them and very emotional. Also this has reignited Andrew's fondness for Top Gear, so his TV is stuck on Dave!

Richard Hammond's book is On the Edge. And Alan knows his Wife is actually Mindy, not Trudy. Oops.

Alan asks if anyone is interested in getting the Audible version of this book and you don't have an account, please get in touch with him and he will see what can be done to help with that.