Episode 16 : Speaky Voicy Bit - High and Lows of 2015 plus predictions for 2016 and the cars we can't wait to see

This episode is a look back at the highs and lows of 2015, in the motoring world, as suggested by listeners as well as Alan and Andrew.

We start with the highs. First up is British manufacturing in general. This show is a big supporter of the expertise and quality of motor manufacturing in the UK. Long may it continue.

Porsche winning at Le Mans was another high. The dominance of Audi has been disrupted, with Porsche winning for the 17 time. The WEC is more interesting than F1, with Andrew and Alan hoping to get to a race at some point. Before they die.

A suggestion from @rotationUpNorth was Volvo. They have come out with some cracking ideas this year. Alan and Andrew are in agreement with this suggestion. Andrew, almost subliminally, asks Volvo to build a Polestar version of the new V90. Both have their fingers crossed this does happen.

In a surprising move from Andrew, he puts forward Apple and Google doing the operating systems for car infotainment systems. Listeners will know that Andrew isn't always glowing in his comments about interior car tech but is happy companies who are focused on user experience are working on these things. Alan manages to mention his new MX-5, in case you didn't know he had one.

Alan lauds the rise of the electric car. Or at least how consumers have been shown how an electric car can work for them, in 2015. Another listener @Joe_Hallenbeck, recommended the Flux Capacitor project by Jonny Smith, which you can find out more here.  Jonny will be relived to learn, that Andrew persuaded Alan not to be too stalky to him. For now.

In a surprise move, Alan states that #dieselgate is a high. He backs this up by saying that due to the problems with Volkswagen and defeat devices the consumer will be better off. Andrew grudgingly allows this.

Alan manages to mention he has bought a MX-5 AGAIN, because someone said a high was buying their 350z.

Now we move onto the lows.

Andrew starts with #dieselgate. The concern is, if a company was prepared to run with defeat devises in engines what else has it been prepared to do. How far behind the US the EU is, in what emissions it has been measuring was highlighted by this sorry affair. Not worrying about NOx needs to be addressed. The final point is the issue has caused a negative view of manufacturers and the motoring world. Everyone has been tarred by this brush, unfortunately.

The Jeremy Clarkson era of Top Gear unceremoniously coming to an end. This saddened both Alan and Andrew. However, it did mean that they had to look elsewhere for their fix of entertainment and cars. The chaps found plenty of channels on YouTube, such as Chris Harris, XCAR, HubNut, Paul Woodford etc. These are different ways of putting forward the presenter's love of cars. This is a good thing for all of us who are interested in cars.

The Cult of Tesla was suggested by @rotationUpNorth. Andrew suggests this has happened because Tesla is a company that traverses industries so are an attractive company to the press. Also, with the way the company is aiming to do good in the world draws attention.

Andrew goes off on a tangent and expresses his worry about software being tested on the road. Minimum viable product is not acceptable with cars.

2015 F1 season. No more was said.

Hacked cars. Andrew was disturbed by some manufacturers reaction to being hacked. If anyone is found to have hacked software some manufacturers want them to be charged. The enlightened approach, being driven by Tesla, is to pay people who find flaws or issues. Working with the researchers rather than have problems hidden.

The chaps are quite cowardly in only making two predictions. You will hear how Nostradamus was not required in what they suggested.

Alan opens with manufacturers targeting Tesla with luxury electric cars.

Andrew then suggests very tough emission standards being brought in for Europe.

Maybe next year they'll be a bit more expansive in their ideas.

The chaps move onto what they're looking forward to this year. They start with another listener's suggestion. @MattB88 is looking forward to the renewal of rivalry between Ford and Ferrari. The GT is being reborn in 2016. We've all seen the pics, with blue being a particularly favorite colour for Alan and Andrew.

The show's Gothenburg correspondent, @BuddaPSL, put forward the Toyota S-FR. Alan likes the idea, Andrew doesn't like how it looks. At all.

Despite previous shows where he has been a lonely voice against the Defender, Alan is looking forward to what the new one will look like. They speculate what will happen and state how this is such a tricky replacement as it could alienate current owners.

Andrew is eagerly awaiting a RHD Mustang. Preferably in V8 format. Looks like it will be a lot of car for the money, as they say.

Honda's new NSX is due in 2016. No pressure Honda. The old one sits in a special place in our hearts (and we've never driven one). But we have faith that it will be wonderful.

Andrew is hoping the Alfa Romeo Giulia will be great to drive and look great in basic spec. Alan has gone off it as he looked at older models. But they do want it to be good as choice is required in the exec car sector.

Jaguar F-Pace is another Alan and Andrew are looking forward to seeing. The car is a huge one for Jaguar, key to their success.

The new Ford Focus RS will be out in 2016. Fast Fords are always a riot and looking at the video series teasing us all indicate this should be no exception.

Finally, Alan and Andrew are looking forward to more podcasting, writing and web based stuff (technical term that!). They are both very thankful for the way in which they've been received and have thoroughly enjoyed what has happened so far. Please keep getting in touch, whether it's with a suggestion or just to say hi, they both love it when you do.