Episode 20 : Built on Suffering - Dieselgate is back, French Ambassador gets a Peugeot, Chiron specs leaked apparently, TVR chassis news, GM get mobile with Maven, Defender stops this week

Alan and Andrew are back with the latest news, after actually meeting up last week. There are reports they had to sit in other rooms and phone as seeing each other was too off putting.

Andrew starts the show with follow up to his expression of disappointment in the VW BUDD-e concept, in particular the seating capacity. Friend of the Show @richgoodingcom, informed Andrew that the original Type 2 only had seating capacity of four as well. Thank you Richard!

Moving onto the new news, #Dieselgate has reared it's head once more. Alan spotted that VW have appointed the same lawyer who ran the BP and GM defense cases, Kenneth Feinberg.

A German paper ran with a story that VW execs knew about the defeat devices as far back as 2006, courtesy of a "source". VW have called this speculation.

Autocar reported that Audi and SEAT revised their fuel economy and CO2 emissions in December. Audi and SEAT say this is normal, and cars are continually tested during their lifecycle and adjustments made to figures. The concern is that there was no formal public announcement to the changes.

The EU has called on VW to compensate European owners in a similar manner to those in the US. VW has rejected this. Andrew and Alan discuss how for this to happen the EU needs to prove that the setups broke rules in the EU, until then they wonder how anyone can call for compensation.

Moving on to happier news, Alan informs us that John Surtees and Paddy Hopkirk have received New Year's Honours. John Surtees receives a CBE, with Paddy Hopkirk getting a MBE.

The French Ambassador, in London, has taken delivery of a Peugeot 508 RXH, which is a low CO2 hybrid vehicle. Andrew is dismayed that Her Excellency, Sylvie Bermann, doesn't waft around in an all electric Citroen SM, oozing with cool and sophistication. 

Alan informs us of the leaked alleged specification for the new Bugatti Chiron, which have apparently come from a prospective customer. Possibly a customer no more, of Bugatti find out who it is.

After Alan's amazing and almost seamless link to TVR they both discuss the further details regarding the construction of the chassis of the new car. The car is being developed with the assistance of Gordon Murray's iStream process, which allows the inner (okay, maybe not inner) geeks out for Andrew and Alan.

After announcing issues with the California T, Ferrari North America have issued a stop-sale on 488 GTBs now because of a fire risk.

GM has responded to Ford's recent announcements in the area of connected cars and mobility services. After their tie in with Lyft, GM announce the Personal Mobility Brand: Maven. This is a small step, as it amounts to a beta test, where they have a more limited scope and areas it will cover initially. Andrew expresses his disapointment that it's being tied into WhatsApp, this will be due to security and privacy issues with the app and the company that owns it.

More great announcements from British car manufacturing, as 2015 was the best year in a decade. Exports accounted for 77.3%. Both are proud of this achievement, as obviously they had such a key role to play in this success! Jaguar Land Rover are the lead producer, pipping Nissan in 2015, in the Automotive Manufacturing League Table! Alan points out, with some bemusement, that Turkey gets 2.9% of our exports.

On the 29 January 2016 the Defender will no longer be produced in the UK. This is sad, but the chaps are looking forward to what JLR come out with to replace it.

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