Episode 19 : That’s easy for you to say - Alan is sorry, SEAT Int’l sales up, Aston Martin and LEtV talking, Focus RS is launched, Tesla dials back Autopilot, Renault raided & more

After last week’s marathon episode, Alan and Andrew have a shorter show for you.

There is feedback! First up Alan has to apologise for not making it clear that the Yaris is co-owned. It shall forever be known as THE Yaris. Hopefully Lorne Clark is now appeased by the words of Alan.

Last week Alan was so happy with the looks of the Lexus LC500 he forgot to mention little details, such as the V10 and 10 speed auto box. Oops. 

In the last show Andrew and Alan were worried for SEAT following their new car registration figures being down on last year. But there’s good news this week! Their international sales are up. Alan has a theory for the UK figures, that it could be tied into a deal to provide British Gas with vehicles in 2014, which would explain the dip. Whatever the reason they both hope SEAT have a great year in 2016!

Aston Martin has been talking to LEtV, who are the main financial backers to Faraday Future, with the possibility of Aston building cars for them. This would be an interesting move for Aston, who use a modular architecture themselves, as it may provide some financial stability. 

Moving on to the new news, Andrew mentions the launch event of the Ford Focus RS, which occurred in Spain this week. There is a slight possibility you will have seen something, unless you’ve not looked at the internet. Andrew does get the opportunity to bring up his disbelief over the petrol cap design on the hatch. The Autocar piece is here, with PetrolBlog’s post here, which is one of the best things to date on the RS! 

Alan explains how Tesla have dialled back the capabilities of their Autopilot feature, in the US. Drivers are required to have hands on the steering wheel whilst it is engaged. This will bring an end to stupid people climbing into the back of the car whilst it drives them along. Andrew brings up Gareth Jones’s two episodes on him driving a Tesla to North Wales from London. Gareth shows how audio car reviews can and should be done. Go listen to the first here and the second here.

In the last week Renault were raided by fraud officers, in connection with investigations into their diesel engines, following Volkswagen’s confession to using defeat devices. Clearly some press outlets have been desperately waiting for another manufacturer to be embroiled with this. Renault themselves say this is just the next stage of the investigations and welcome the visits. We shall have to wait to see if there are any problems with Renault engines, as so far nothing has been reported saying there is.

Andrew and Alan get to reveal what they imagine a “raid” actually looks like. Alan’s is a bit Michael Bay in it’s execution. Alan also gets to use is comedy French accent, in another attempt to alienate peoples of the world. 

Alan tells us that Ferrari North America are recalling California T cars, due to a potential fire risk. This amounts to 185 cars.

Andrew informs us that FCA are being sued in the US, by a dealership, as they claim dealers are being offered money to over inflate their sales numbers. FCA strenuously deny this, but that did not stop $1 billion being wiped off the shares, at the news. Again, we shall have to wait to see how this progresses.

Alan found an interesting article, by automotive designer Peter Stevens, talking about what cars we will see from the concepts revealed at recent shows. VW Budd-e is probably a no go, which reminds Andrew of what bugged him about the concept and that’s the size and seating. There won’t be a 2CV replacement, but Andrew argues that maybe the Cactus is that already. Andrew also has difficulty with saying ‘innovative’, he can get started it’s just when to stop that’s the issue! The replacement for the Defender is speculated over. 

Xcar have changed their name. This caused confusion amongst some, to Baldrick levels. They are now Carfection. The people are the same. Go watch Alex Goy and the gang!

Petrolicious have interviewed Matt Farah, he runs The Smoking Tyre YouTube channel and podcast. This is a great interview into a genuinely interesting chap who does a great job at speaking to people with a passion for cars.