Episode 14 : Did wells - New car registrations, Porsche Mission E, NCAP ratings, new Volvo S90, Infinity Q30 built in UK, Citroen e-Mehari, EVO COTY vid, MX-5 is Japanese COTY, Cannonball Run

This week Alan and Andrew get to talk about #Dieselgate, still. But also

At the weekend Alan went to watch the Rockingham Stages Rally. This prompted him to write a blog post, encouraging us all to support our local tracks.

This week there is follow up! Firstly, Alan has to apologise for getting his friend's name wrong!

Secondly, the Boosterjet is back! This time in a 'sporty' Vitara - hang on, can that be right, 'sporty'? 

The final piece of follow up is VW's flow straightening replacement part is explained in detail in this article by The Truth About Cars.

On the news front, SMMT revealed the latest car registration figures and it's back to growth. Alan and Andrew go through the numbers. Vauxhall has had a good month with a number of cars in this monthly list. But it's not all good news. VW, FIAT and Citroën are all down. Understandable for VW, with people's knee jerk reactions. Citroën is understandable too as they've split DS off and are counting them separately.

In better news for VW, they have "largely concluded" their investigations into the the extent of implicated models carrying the VW badge. This is only focused on European cars and is only related to CO2. Andrew claims credit for VW announcing this prior to finalising their investigations, as they've clearly listened to the podcast and what they've been saying about keeping everyone updated. But only 9 models are effected which will require CO2 reclassification.

More fall out from #Dieselgate, with Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi's technical boss, stepping down.

The wonderful looking Porsche Mission E has been given the green light, it was announced. Previously Alan and Andrew have been very complimentary of the looks. Andrew and Alan agree about how they see induction charging being critical to help electric vehicles become more mainstream.

Alan asks if you would like to hear more about induction charging, then he will create another special about this. Please do let him know.

NCAP have released the latest safety ratings, following the recent round of testing. Some cars did very well, such as the Jaguar XE and XF, Infiniti Q30, Lexus RX, Renault Megane and Vauxhall Astra. To achieve 5 stars the car must have optional or standard autonomous braking systems. One car to fare particularly badly is the Lancia Ypsilon. To the extent where NCAP suggested if safety is a priority, then there are other options. Ouch!

Andrew had been saving himself, only looking at the press release for the new Volvo S90 in time for the show. The chaps are very complimentary of the looks to the exterior and interior. A credible alternative to the usual German suspects. However, the thought of a Polestar S and V90 excites Andrew and Alan. A lot. But that's not all. There's going to be a hybrid edition too.

Infiniti and Red Bull have ended their association. Sniff Petrol sums up everyone's feeling on this. We apologise to everyone for Alan's latest attempt at an accent.

Alan and Andrew are big supporters of the manufacturing prowess and skills in Britain, so are pleased that Infiniti announced investment and production of the Q30 in Sunderland. They go on to discuss how they feel there is a direction to the company now and this is a good thing.

Citroën have announced that they'll be producing a new electric car, the e-Mehari. Friend of the show Ian Seabrook discusses this on his site HubNut. Alan and Andrew really like the look of this, although Alan is not sure it will work in France. Andrew can see it doing well in this country though.

A couple of similar articles caught both Andrew and Alan's eyes this week, discussing the ridiculous prices "normal" classic cars are moving towards. They recommend you go read them here and here.

Alan and Andrew both saw the EVO Car of the Year video, which is wonderful. The scenery is stunning. The cars are stunning. The videography is stunning. Well done EVO, please make more of these vids!

In Alan's weekly section of love for Mazda, he gets to let us all know that the MX-5 (did he tell you he has a new one?) won the Japanese Car of the Year.

The closure of the Forth Road Bridge comes under scrutiny. Essentially it's a giant mess that is making everyone's life more difficult and expensive due to neglecting adequate maintenance. Good luck to all effected by it.

Finally, there is good news to all cheesy film fans. The Cannonball Run has been released on BluRay.