Episode 13 : Contractually Allowed - VW fined & provide a solution, SCOTYs, Spending Review 2015, Hyundai milestone, a Boosterjet, Volvos on the cheap and Motoring Research's Advent Calendar

This week the chaps discuss VW (yes, again), the SCOTYs, Spending Review 2015, Hyundai sales, the best name for a car in some time, Classic Porsche Centres, Volvos on the cheap and what that entails and Motoring Research's Advent Calendar!

VW have been fined by South Korea, for the largest amount slapped on a manufacturer for a single issue.

VW sales are showing signs of being affected in the US, with a 25% drop for November.

In better news, VW have come up with a hardware and software solution for engines in the EU. Alan and Andrew discuss the low tech hardware solution.

Audi, and by default Porsche, announced their line ups for World Endurance Championship (WEC) next year, and costs are being cut here too. Both brands will only be putting in two cars.

In good news, for those who like insanely large engined cars the Bugatti Chiron is still a go. The reveal has been revealed to be happening at a special reveal, in Geneva, next year.

The Scottish Car of the Year Awards (SCOTYs) were announced. Car of the Year was awarded to the new Astra, which also won Family and Eco awards. Even Andrew is complementary of Vauxhall for this car. In more good news for them, they also won the Compact award with the VIVA. As only Alan is allowed to discuss Mazda he listed the Mazda2 (Supermini), MX-5 (Droptop) and CX-3 (Crossover). The Land Rover Discovery (Diesel) and Defender (Used) also took home awards. Janguar won the Executive award with the XE. Hyundai's ix35 Hydrogen fuel cell car won the Design and Innovation award. The SUV accolade went to the Volvo XC90. The winner of the Estate award was the superb, erm, Škoda Superb. Best MPV, Andrew considers this an oxymoron, was won by the Ford Galaxy. Hot Hatch was won by the Honda Civic Type-R, which allowed Andrew the chance to reminisce about getting a chance to drive one recently. He loved it even though he isn't a very fast or good driver, but the car helps with that. Audi TT won the Coupe award.

The Spending Review 2015, the Government's chance to adjust what they've altered in the last Budget, was announced in the last week. There were many calls not to stitch up motorists. The headlines were well covered by Tim Pollard in this Car Magazine article. There will be a new car tax system from 2017, this doesn't effect current cars. Electric cars will pay no tax. With the new "premium car tax" let's see how many come under £40k! More money is being provided to help deal with potholes. MOTs will now start after four years. Alan isn't convinced by this but Andrew hopes some of the issues he brought up should be covered by normal servicing.

Hyundai breaks the 1M sales barrier, after first starting in the UK in 1982. Currently they run at 80K+ annual sales but are aiming for 100K. Alan and Andrew congratulate Hyundai, knowing that is what the company was waiting for! More seriously, they're fans of the current line up and style of cars.

Alan introduces the superbly named Suzuki Baleno Boosterjet (how cool is that?). But it is not all in the name; the car will cleverly bring hybrid technology to the lower end of the market, in the form of a battery charged off the crank which will deliver an extra 37lb ft for up to 30 seconds. This will help with efficiency .

Porsche opened the first of 100 Porsche Classic Centres, in the Netherlands. Andrew and Alan believe this is a clever move for Porsche. Helps with keeping residuals at the highest level possible.

 Ian Seabrook posted his tale of collecting a couple of Volvos on his site here, with a second part here. Alan and Andrew really enjoyed this wonderful example of Bangernomic car owning. Andrew and Alan also congratulated Ian on getting 100K views on his YouTube channel, which they both recommend you visit and go through.  

Finally Motoring Research are posting a motoring Advent Calendar this year. They start with a CRACKER! The Minis have feelings too advert is remembered. Fondly. Alan and Andrew almost get misty eyed over this.