Episode 15 : Knew there was Something - Zafira fires, Porsche 718s, cheaper petrol, FCA fined, Jag doing Formula E, Pininfarina saved, suing Texan plumber, UK manufacturing

In a briefer episode than some recently released, Alan and Andrew scoot over the news of Zafira fire causes, FCA in trouble again, cheaper petrol, Porsche renaming cars, Jaguar entering Formula E, Pininfarina saved, a Texan plumber and Jaguar Land Rover opening a new factory.

There is now confirmation of what has been causing the fires in the Zafira Bs. The Driver Vehicle Standards Agency agrees with Vauxhall's conclusion that poor repairs are the cause of the fires.

Petrol drop below £1.00 per litre, in some areas of the UK. Alan and Andrew are fans of this, but doubt politicians will reduce fuel duty in the future.

FCA gets fined $70M, in the US, for a second time this year. This time it's becuase they didn't supply the US government with sufficient safety data for the last 12 years! They have 30 days to pay this in full and hand in the correct data within eight months - ouch.

Porsche have renamed the Boxter and Cayman. They'll now be the 718 Boxter and Cayman. Alan explains how the purists have got grumpy over 4 cylinder engines and turbo charging. Andrew and Alan do express (again) their lust for the Cayman shape.

The link to Chris Harris's wonderful video about the hybrid supercars is here. Go watch it!

About the only motorsport this podcast has some knowledge of is Formula E. You can listen to Alan's special, interviewing Graeme Davison of Qualcomm here. There's good news for the series, Jaguar have announced how they're entering in 2016. Read about it here and watch the LOUD video here.

Mahindra has a controlling stake in Pininfarina. That is good news for those of us who like to see design studios help the motoring world.

A Texan plumber is suing a dealer as his old pick up was filmed with an anti aircraft gun thrown in the back, with the livery still on the side. Oops. Silly people have taken this to mean the company is supporting warfare in the Middle East.

The Forth Road Bridge gets a mention. Alan and Andrew claim responsibility for how there has been a lot of ongoing progress updates. They are both available for crisis management consultancy. Good luck everyone, hopefully it will be over soon.

Nearly forgetting more good news for UK manufacturing, Alan remembers to mention how Jaguar Land Rover are opening a new factory in Slovakia but also investing in the UK with engine manufacturing.