Episode 9 : Being Master of the World - Tokyo Motor Show 2015

This week is mainly about the Tokyo Motor Show, however VW and "irregularities" does rear it's ugly head again.

Volkswagen responded to the EPA's statement on finding defeat devices within V6 3.0TDi engines. They deny that there is any software enabling the defeat device to alter any results on these engines. Porsche in North America has taken the step to stop selling the engine until further details emerge.

If that wasn't bad enough for VW, their internal investigations found that around 800,000 cars have false CO2 and mpg certification. This prompted the Group Board to issue a statement and the Supervisory Board also issued a statement. Alan and Andrew do acknowledge that VW are taking back the initiative, after weeks of complaints from Andrew, mainly, that they weren't saying anything. Nice to know the Board is listening.

The engine for the new Polo BlueGT was discussed and it's clever use of cylinder deactivation. Alan is relieved to be able to say something positive in the same sentence as "VW" and "engine"!

The Tokyo Motor Show finally makes an appearance in the podcast, after several weeks of Alan trying. Andrew felt it would be best to wait until it had actually opened, the fusspot!

First up is the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept that was developed in conjunction with Gordon Murray. Andrew and Alan chat about how this has the potential to be far reaching with the way materials are used. Also they explore where the nods to Yamaha's bike heritage are indicated.

Next they move onto the Lexus LF-FC Fuel Cell Concept. This hints at the look of the LS replacement. Also this is one of many models at the show promoting hydrogen as a fuel. 

Alan introduces the Subaru Impreza 5 door Concept. Whilst it is a handsome car Andrew is a bit underwhelmed by the look of it. Alan reminisces on grannies driving Imprezas in the wilds of Scotland.

Both Alan and Andrew express their liking for the Suzuki Air Triser Concept and it's hint of VW Microbus. They bemoan that we probably won't get these over here, even if it does go into production. The Air Deck also gets a favourable mention too.

Mitsubishi's eX Concept almost confuses Andrew at the front, into mistaking it for a Lexus. Alan and Andrew do like the looks and the fact it's another electric SUV. But they wonder if more lights are required at the front.

The Nissan IDS Concept looks are to the liking of Alan and he feels this should be how the next Leaf looks. Andrew has a whinge about high shoulders on cars. Vomit may be mentioned.

Alan and Andrew are not fans of the Toyota S-FR looks, but they do like the idea of such a car. There is no information coming from Toyota to suggest that it will be brought to production.

Moving on to one of the more bizarre concepts the chaps talk about the Nissan Teatro for Dayz.  Watch the video here to see what Nissan are exploring. Andrew and Alan REALLY like the looks, but Andrew is not a fan (nor is target market) for this drive to get Generation-Z to buy cars. Sarcasm may have been employed. Occasionally. 

Unlike most of the concepts on show the Honda FCV Clarity is a car that will be sold. Expected to be out in Japan next year, and the UK in 2017. This is another hydrogen powered car. 

Returning to design studies, the Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo was unveiled. Similar to Teatro for Dayz, it's aimed at Gen-Z. Andrew gets grumpy about it. Well, he is old. But they both acknowledge that this could be how autonomous cars look, which is to say a box-ish vehicle.

There's a lot of love for the Mazda RX-Vision and not just from Alan. Alan is happy that his declaration for wanting one, before he even saw a proper picture of it was well founded. The steering wheel, although it won't make production, is applauded.

The subtle and reserved Toyota Alphard Hercule Concept is next up for the chaps, especially the front grill or teeth or whatever they are. But, there aren't enough convertible vans in the world, so on that front it is a good thing. 

Slightly off topic, Andrew selected the NinebotOne for mention partially due to the amazing promo text. This is a personal transport device. Watch this video here to see someone try one out. 

Back on message, another coach work concept, this time the Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series XJ700. Both Alan and Andrew want one. Now please. Pretty please. 

Before they go, Alan and Andrew provide a solution, to help with those hard to pick Christmas presents. The Bentley Collection is now out. Problem solved. You're welcome.