Episode 12 : Every pun intended - VW & BBC Panorama, Mercedes SL, Subaru Impreza Sedan Concept, Porsche Cayman GT4, Volvo Concept 24, Beetle Dune, Mazda CX-9 and 50 years of 70mph motorway experiment

This week Alan and Andrew get to discuss topics such as the ever constant VW engine scandal and how that is now effecting the company. The BBC Panorama program, was watched - the sacrifices these two make for you dear listeners should not be underestimated! Ferrari Northern Europe is in the news. There is a round up of what caught the chap's eyes from the LA Motor Show. Also they pepper the show with bursts of pride in British manufacturing. There may also be yawning.

Alan went to Paris last weekend. He managed to slip away from his Mum and Sister, after he selected his own handbag, to have a look at the wonderful cars on display. As we aren't lucky enough to have got there ourselves he has a new video, go here to see the highlights from the Champs-Elysées Manufacturer Showcases

SMMT announced that British car makers have achieved the best 10 month performance in a decade. Both Alan and Andrew then talk of their pride in what is produced on these shores and the expertise we have. 

Matt Hubbard, he of Speedmonkey fame, has been quiet recently on his blog. However, he posted an excellent article about the dangers of boredom behind the wheel. This is well worth a read. Alan and Andrew are glad Matt is back writing! 

The VW scandal section. This week VW announced that they are reducing their CAPEX. Further evidence of ramifications for the company. Alan mentions the Financial Times's interesting article about how VW is choked by cost and complexity

BBC Panorama aired a program about the scandal, promising to tell us all "for the first time" how VW managed to con the EU test and consumers. Here is the iPlayer link, which won't be up for long. Andrew and Alan express their 'disappointment' at the show and their hopes weren't high to start with. Lack of anything new and switching to how evil diesels are draw Alan and Andrew's ire, for starters. Vauxhall released a statement regarding the results indicated by the Zafira that Panorama tested. 

Further diesel related news, in the form of the Environmental Audit Committee at the House of Commons. They have suggested redressing the balance of Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) to reflect NOx pollution as well as CO2. They also put forward the idea of a diesel scrappage scheme. Interestingly this is mainly focused on commercial engines.

The Institute of Advanced Motoring release this week's study of the bleedin' obvious. Multi tasking whilst at the wheel is dangerous. Andrew and Alan chat about how there have many studies to show this. Andrew then steps onto his soap box about not using a phone whilst in the car.

After Alan works out who is Ferrari and who is FIAT he explains how Ferrari have decided to apply for a listing on the Mercato Telematico Azionario, following a recent launch on the NYSE. Andrew continues to be bemused by this, but Alan suspects it may be connected with limitations to numbers of cars that can be sold by Ferrari New Jersey.

Last week was the LA Motor Show. Whilst they did discuss the FIAT 124, mainly due to the very vocal opinions seen on Twitter, they did not have the opportunity to chat about the other things that caught their eye. First up is the new Mercedes SL. Both Alan and Andrew are fans of the look of this. The front end reminds Andrew of a recently revealed car too.

Subaru revealed a Sedan Concept. This follows on from the concept that was revealed at Tokyo recently. Andrew remains a bit underwhelmed, but both agree the red colour looks great.

Porsche lets everyone see the Cayman GT4 Clubsport. And the chaps love it.

Moving away from a track focused car to the good looking Infiniti QX30. Alan and Andrew like the look of this. Andrew reveals his liking for the slightly higher ride height cars, such as this and the Volvo Cross Country. Alan takes the opportunity to crow-bar his trip to Paris in again, whilst commenting about the large number of Infinitis he saw there.

Speaking of Volvo, they revealed their Concept 26, which is all about the interior. The chaps are quite complimentary about this. Even Andrew is, whilst there is a serious lack of button and knobs!

VW had production ready Beetle Dune cars on show. These are slightly raised and wider variations.

As it seems impossible for Alan and Andrew to go a show without mentioning Mazda, they move onto the smart looking CX-9, which was at their stand in LA. They are saddened that it will not be making an appearance in this country as it carries the Kodo desing language very well, in their opinion.

Away from the LA Motor Show and back to Volvo. They have announced a new service, called In-car Delivery. Essentially deliveries turn up to your car, then through a one time pass the driver can transfer whatever it is you've ordered. Andrew, yes he of the tin foil hat, is impressed by this. This is the type of use case the chaps want to see more of. Things that make life that little bit easier and hassle free. Unfortunately you have to be in Gothenburg currently to take advantage of this, but hopefully it will spread to the rest of us.

To round out the show Alan mentions how, 50 years ago to the day of recording, the "experiment" of 70mph on British motorways was introduced. Nice pub quiz fact for you!

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