Episode 11 : Activity Lifestyling - VW engine scandal now spreading to other brands, NEC Classic Motor Show, Hydrogen Power Concept, Pedestrian Safety, Jaguar AWD XE & Activity Key and FIAT 124

During this week's show Alan and Andrew discuss a wide range of motoring topics. 

First up, Alan has a new video showing more of his new MX-5. Did you know he has a new car? No? Don't worry, click here to see things like a still clean engine bay. 

The ever present VW engine scandal is discussed. This time how the German authorities have now spread their investigations to include more manufacturers and brands. The Guardian not only list them here, but have created a new manufacturer "MINI Daimler Mercedes". 

Last weekend the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show was held at the NEC. Both Alan and Andrew were unable to attend but thanked all the kind people on Twitter for posting great pics of what was there. 

There was an auction during the show, run by Silverstone Auctions, which threw up some startling prices. Andrew asks when the bubble will burst and Alan notes how much sentiment is a factor in what a car will go for.

Friend of the show Nir Kahn, tweeted information about a hydrogen power concept. Very interesting stuff. Alan and Andrew can see how useful this could be. There is a video here and an article here. Fascinating stuff. Thank you Nir.

After this both Alan and Andrew ask listeners to feel free to pass on ideas for things that they could discuss during an episode. 

The UK's traffic fatalities have reduced. Which makes the UK the safest country in the world, which has been put down to our adoption of reducing speed limits, particularly in urban areas. The Econimist's article is here

Andrew discusses the new AWD option, that will be available for the Jaguar XE from next year. There will be an improved infotainment system along with Apple Watch connectivity. Alan and Andrew think AWD is a good thing to add to the range and perhaps more should consider it in the UK.

Andrew introduces the F-Pace Activity Key. There is a video here that shows how activity lifestyle people will be able to take advantage of the features. Whilst Andrew is a little bit sceptical of this Alan explains how he thinks it's a good idea as he wouldn't have the fear of breaking his keys as he falls off his bike in spectacular lifestyle stylee. 

The FIAT 124 was revealed on the day of recording. The chaps weren’t going to mention it as they were going to have it in next week’s episode about the LA Motor Show. However, the reaction on Twitter has meant they must. Opinion seemed split, using the Atlantic Ocean as the dividing line. Those in the US love it, whilst we in Europe were less than enthusiastic. 

Alan and Andrew break out their magnifying glasses and go over the design, in some depth. But their general concuss is that it’s OK.

Alan rounds out the show with a link to a cool T-Shirt celebrating the brutalist architecture of the Forton Services on the M6, which remind a wistful Alan of the 'golden age' of motoring.