Episode 10 : Bad Accents - New car registration, Vauxhall's apology and Walter de Silva retires

In this week's episode Alan and Andrew discuss a variety of topics, sometimes with the assistance of bad accents. Very bad. 

The SMMT announced that new car registrations "stabilised" during October. The figures are dissected, with particular attention paid to the 'Top 10s'. Alan explains how a few on the list are produced or have significant manufacturing elements from the UK. Andrew employs the first dodgy accent.

The Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police told the Home Affairs Select Committee that he has the power to switch on the speed cameras between junctions 10 and 13. He states that this could raise £1m for the force which would equate to 25 officers. Andrew and Alan discuss Andrew Brady's article on this news. The chaps are conflicted as once again the motorist is being targeted as a cash cow. However, both want to see more police officers on the roads as they feel that is more of a deterrent than cameras. 

News from FIAT, they've just built their 1.5 millionth 500. Andrew and Alan are fans of this cheeky little car. 

Andrew discusses the video from Vauxhall's Chairman regarding the Zafira B recall. Both Alan and Andrew applaud the way this has been handled. Vauxhall admit there has been a gap between finding a problem and knowing what that problem is. Hopefully other companies will take note of this in the future.

Euro NCAP have announced the first autonomous pedestrian detection tests. Alan is pleased to see NCAP step into this world, especially as more safety aspects of cars become automatic. 

With the ongoing troubles for VW over their engines, news surfaced at the weekend that executives were not travelling to the US for fear of having their passports removed from them. 

Andrew came across a piece from Mark Carberry which has a great angle on why VW got into these difficulties in the first place. Alan and Andrew strongly recommend you read it. 

Earlier this week it was announced that Walter de Silva is to retire from VW. Alan found a brief slideshow of some of his work on Top Gear. There is a lot to like. Alan put the question out there, what will this mean for the brands in the VW group? Will we start seeing more individual styling? How will they cope with cutting €100m from the design budget? Alan potentially alienates Spain due to deployment of a dodgy accent. 

And finally, Alan discusses the cars in the latest James Bond film, SPECTRE. Andrew could say nothing as he hasn't seen it. Alan explained how the placement was done well and not like films of old where only one make could ever be seen. Andrew deploys another dodgy accent.