Episode 4 : Metallic Pink Convertible PT Cruisers

Alan and Andrew discuss their new found obsession with iTunes and where the Motoring Podcast has found itself in the past week.

Renaultsport's boss Patric Ratti will not be developing a hybrid performance car anytime soon. 

Jalopnik reported on why swapping your airbag for drugs does not help you in a collision. 

Land Rover have revealed the convertible Evoque, by testing it in a tunnel. Gavin Big-Surname discusses this car here in true PetrolBlog style! Go read it and enjoy! Alan informs an astonished Andrew that the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet was actually sold. For reals. Alan also regales us with his manly road trip in the US, with the weapon of (no) choice being a metallic pink convertible PT Cruiser.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reveal a record September for new car registrations. Andrew gets confused as to what those figures actually mean. But it is good news for the British motor manufacturing industry, which hopefully continues!

The new BMW M4 GTS gets a mention. More power, much quicker and lighter. Andrew and Alan dribble over the looks of this new car but their eyes water a little at the price.

Lexus reveal a cardboard version of the IS model, to be driven on stage at Grand Designs Live.

Alan's favourite subject, the VW diesel engine scandal, gets it's last major segment in the show. Possibly. Maybe. Well, he hopes!

Specific UK sites to check if your VW Group diesel engine is one that is affected can be found in the following places;

VW - here

Audi - here 

SEAT - here

SKODA - here

Many options for curing the problem are being considered. Bloomberg reported on those here.

The news that VW is to start to recalling cars from January 2016 broke. Plenty were cross about that. Alan puts forward a sensible argument as to why this is a good thing for the consumer.  Andrew disagrees. There is a discussion about why each hold the views. Jim Holder's article about VW informing a German newspaper know information before their customers was discussed. 

Alan saw that it's not all bad news for VW owners in Italy. Fiat are now offering incentives on trading in a VW when buying a new Fiat. 

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