Episode 8 : Honda R8s - NSX, Audi RS6 & 7 Performance Packs, Zafira Fires, Electric Black Taxis, Formula E Race Results, Charging Point Signage

This week the chaps discuss a variety of subjects, before next week's expected wackiness from the Tokyo Motor Show. All after they announce the wrong show number. Sorry everyone. But did you notice?

First up Alan briefly tells us of his new car purchase. Go watch his video here to clearly see how happy he is with the MX-5. 

The new NSX has broken cover. Alan and Andrew discuss how it has received positive reviews. Andrew particularly likes it in blue, but isn't fussy if someone wants to give him one. 

Alan gets the chance to gush about rotary engines thanks to Mazda's announcement of the SkyActiv-R engine. Hopefully it will be out in time for when Alan is thinking of replacing the MX-5. Have we mentioned he's got a new car?

If you have a Zafira B with manual climate control then go to this page to check out what to do, thanks to the recent fire issues this model has been having. 

Andrew and Alan are slightly amazed at how much quicker the RS6 and RS7 Performance Pack editions are over the 'normal' RS6 and 7. Or how much easier it will be to loose your license with one! Alan manages to link this story to his new car. 

Alan is overjoyed at the news that London black cabs are to be all electric vehicles in the no too distant future. We can hear his consumption clearing up as he talks about this.

The EU will leap, LEAP into action about security of connected cars. Starting next year. Well, chatting about it anyway. Suggestions will be put forward in 2017. Good job cars aren't already connected, oh wait. Andrew metaphorically smashes his head into his desk several times at the lack of speed on this matter. 

The new season of Formula E started on Saturday 24 October in China. Buena and Renault got off to the perfect start. Alan also mentions, in case you missed it, the Special podcast episode where he interviewed Graeme Davison to discuss the changes for the new season. 

Andrew spotted this article from Top Gear magazine, The Coolest Utilitarian Cars Ever. And boy are they. The chaps would happily have all of them. Please. Except Alan doesn't want a Defender. In fact he dislikes them intensely. There is a slight diversion as Alan pretends he can't remember who was in, or even what the name of the film Basic Instinct is. Alan talks about his run in a Mk 1 Ford Ka and how honest cars are a valid and refreshing form of transport.  

Alan spotted that Nissan made a valid point this week about signage being required for charging points being nearby. Currently there isn't a standard for this, although there is for Toads Crossing. The new MX-5 manages to come up again. Shocker! 

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