Episode 6 : Tables are tapped. He is serious!

Alan shares his car nerdy by remembering that Ital Design had a light at the front just to indicate when the driver was allowing someone else to go first. This would negate Andrew's idea last week of "3 Beeps for Go". 

The hysteria about Ferrari's IPO continues, with a much higher than expected share price. Key members of Ferrari were in New York to ring the trading floor bell. Alan is amused that Ferrari will now be New Jersey based. 

In more Ferrari news, it is being suggested that they will introduce a sub-brand, under the Dino name. This does bring up the question of where does Maserati fit in the FCA group, if this is true. Andrew remains confused as to why they are IPO-ing.

Potentially bad news for FIAT Chrysler, in Europe. The European Competition Commission has ruled that the tax deals it and Starbucks had broke state aid rules. They've both been ordered to pay back between €20-€30M.

Lotus has been testing the 3-Eleven at the 'Ring. They've recorded a video to show us how it's been going. Alan and Andrew approve of both the look of the car and how long the video is. 

Caterham plan to build a Superlight 160 in 6 hours during The Regent Street Motor Show. There are plenty of other things going on too. Check out the link to see exactly what's on and try to get down there!

Aviva has fessed up to yet more customer details being stolen. This is the second time such an event has happened in the last few years. Alan and Andrew are bemused at the length of time it took from investigating this and actually telling customers. Andrew recounts the joy of being a victim of the first time - *spoiler* it wasn't and remains not to be a joy.

A new way of changing a car's oil is being developed. This looks interesting but both Andrew and Alan hope that a uniform standard is agreed and used as per oil grade. There are threats of mobs rising up if that doesn't happen!

VW and diesel engines are discussed. Again.

The chaps start off with the article that claims up to 30 managers/employees (there is confusion as to which) knew about this for some time. Andrew bemoans how this type of article is inevitable as there isn't information coming out from VW, with the press filling the empty space. 

Jalopnik published an article about how VW have bragged about the effects diesel cheating for years. Again this leans towards conjecture.

Alan and Andrew get jolly cross about the compensation claim lawyers who are trying to drum up business on the back of this scandal. Whilst not having any experience in lawyering (that's a technical term, right?) Alan and Andrew pick apart the arguments being put suggested for potential claims. Sarcasm may have been employed during this segment.

The 2016 Volvo V90 images are leaked. Well, in 1:43 toy format. Alan mentions how this is becoming more of a problem for manufacturers. Both are keen to see more information of the real car as they like the look of this. A lot.

But, there is yawning. Maybe this is the start of a drinking game? Andrew needs to find a bell now.

Alan helped - yes honestly - with the stripping down of a Baja Bug engine which he filmed and is now on the site. 

Alan teased about future 'Special' shows, due out soon. The first will be about Formula E.

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