Episode 5 : Three Beeps for Go

Alan shares his car related misery this week. Andrew tries to be sympathetic. BUT Alan fixed the issue himself - silver linings and all that...

Alan and Andrew discuss the new Ferrari F12tdf . The fastest Ferrari you can hand your cash over for now.

The news that you can buy a share of Ferrari was announced this week. Andrew and Alan wonder what the reason for this is. 

Great news for the UK motor manufacturing industry as SMMT announce that they expect the production record to be broken in 2020. This will be helped, in no small part in output rise by "Premium" manufacturers. This will all result with increased jobs that works throughout the whole manufacturing chain.

The Tipo name is coming back to FIAT. Current pictures are for a saloon, whilst the UK is expected to only get a hatchback based on the Aegea Project. Andrew reminisces about his Wife's Tipo that was allergic to puddles. 

The new BMW M2 is talked about, in what will soon have to be called "This week's fast BMW" segment. There is a slight tangent about embargo breaking but then the chaps profess their keenness for the looks of the BMW's current cars. Except the 3 and 5 GTs. Which Alan and Andrew try to work out who they're for. But can't.

Tesla reported that a couple of journalists broke into the Gigafactory site. Ultimately this led to Tesla employees being hit by the journalist's car. 

In what also may become a regular 'spot' on the show, Andrew has to confirm his prediction was wrong. The Toyota S-FR sport car concept he stated would not look as the link in Show 03 indicated, looks like that shown on Motoring.com.au. Toyota have now released images of this ahead of the show.

Just when Alan and Andrew hoped the news on Volkswagen and the diesel engine scandal would have died down, it hasn't.

They mention how VW has started putting full paged ads in national newspapers over the weekend. 

In the US, the Energy and Commerce subcommittee grill Michael Horn for over two hours. 

In the UK, the Parliamentary Transport Committee discussed the scandal with Paul Willis (MD VW UK) and Mike Hawes (Chief Exec SMMT). Andrew and Alan go through what was discussed. Andrew is impressed with Mr Willis's handling of the event and both hope VW follow through on what was promised.

Alan saw that there had been a high level strategic meeting where future plans for VW Group were confirmed. There is a certain amount of management lingo in the press release, as you would expect, but electric cars plays a massive part in the future success of the company.

Alan, before he looses the will to live, brings up a new topic of Autonomous Cars. He and Andrew talk about the good points of such vehicles. Andrew, in what some may consider a surprising move, expresses his agreement with Alan that AVs have the potential to be brilliant.

Alan discusses an article from Buzzfeed that started out well about AVs, but then left Alan feeling flat about how the internet currently works. 

Volvo, followed by Mercedes and Google, have stated that they will accept liability when their vehicles are in autonomous mode. 

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