Episode 3 : It's Audi not Aldi

Alan and Andrew celebrate The Motoring Podcast being live on iTunes, with much whooping and cheering. OK, so maybe not as Andrew feared for the listener's hearing. But they are very happy.

Low and behold this isn't the only new motoring podcast, there is also Smooth Traffic with Jonny Edge, Robert King and Ben Pearce. Andrew and Alan thoroughly recommend you trying them out, they think you'll also enjoy their show.

Vauxhall now have a new Chairman and Managing Director. Tim Tozer left the company with immediate effect, to be replaced by Rory Harvey. 

Police in Humberside have admitted to hiding speed cameras in a tractor and a horse box. Andrew Brady, from Motoring Research, reported on this here.

You may be aware that Tesla have launched a new vehicle, Model X. On the page linked there is the video of the launch. Go watch it to hear the audience go crazy! Often.

Richard Aucock, from Motoring Research, spotted that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles had confirmed it had been underreporting the extent of deaths and crashes involving their vehicles. This is a time for all manufacturers to realise they are under the spotlight. 

On to more fun news, Mazda teased us with a new model that will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. This pleases Alan greatly. 

More teasing before Tokyo (should this become a hashtag?), Toyota is set to show the FR Concept, a front engined rear wheel drive small sports car. Motoring.com.au show us two images that Andrew suggests won't be how it looks. 

Autocar show images of the new Suzuki Ignis, which again will be at Tokyo, but called the iM-4 concept. Alan waxes lyrical on the neatness of the design, without being cutesy, and how it was one of his favourites from Geneva. 

Alan and Andrew run through some of the headlines in the VW diesel scandal, since they last chatted. To help them Andrew created this timeline. 

Whilst discussing fears of an overreaction by governing bodies, when it comes to the content of the revised emissions test, Alan slips into consultant mode to explain SMART objectives to us.

When Alan isn't falling asleep when recording a podcast, he can be found here on Twitter, where he has disappointedly changed his handle. Much to Andrew's chagrin. 

Andrew can be found here on Twitter. He has not changed his handle. 

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