Episode 179: Virtual Flowers - Alternative fuel misconceptions, BMW recall, SEAT and VW seat belts, Self-Driving car language

This week Alan is missing due to ill health, Andrew is hardly on sparkling form either so this is a mercifully short show for you!

Andrew discusses the continued misconceptions of alternative fuelled vehicles, BMW’s recall, VW and SEAT seat belt problems, DS has a 30 year plan, Formula E and WRC are back this weekend, PSA is now selling classic parts online, Alex Roy explains how to fix the dangerous language of self-driving cars in the Lunchtime Read, Gavin Braithwaite-Smith brings us another wonderful List of the Week and the And Finally is about a man on a beach in his shed.

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Episode 178: Abyss of Failure - Ex-VW boss charged in US, More Audi software woe, Uber accident investigation, Zafira fires face criminal investigation, April New Car Registrations.

On this week’s show, the chaps have an awful lot of Follow Up to run through. The show starts with our old friend #Dieselgate with the Ex-VW CEO being charged in the US. Audi confirm there are software issues with some A6 and A7s. The Uber accident may have been due to a software setting. There is a criminal investigation into the Zafira fires. Bosch’s diesel technology, that reduces NOx, has been explained more. The April SMMT new car registrations are up, so Alan’s prediction has failed. Insurers agree their renewal prices are unfair. A Lunchtime Read on military vehicle aesthetics. Also there is also a wonderful List of the Week as well as an excellent And Finally.

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Episode 176: Floating right up the top - Idiot gets banned, Bosch claims miracle, VW Groups cars hackable, Formula E Paris, Alfa Romeo Museum

On this week’s show the chaps discuss a lengthy press release from Subaru regarding mpg and emission data, how an idiot got banned from driving, Audi is recalling 1.16M cars worldwide, Bosch claims to have fixed diesel’s NOx issue, VW Group infotainments are hackable, Ford ditches saloons in North America, Brabus founder has sadly died, Formula E Paris result and incidents, WRC Rally Argentina results and incidents, WRC Rally GB to race on closed public roads, WEC season starts this weekend, Smart motorway fines rocket, List of the Week is the best of Brabus, And Finally is the Alfa Romeo Museum.

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Episode 175: Gordian Knot - Porsche raided, Sunderland job losses, China removes protectionism, Gandini's greatest hits

This week the chaps have to discuss news items that show the optimism they foolishly displayed last week was, um, misguided.

Topics include, how Porsche was raided over #dieselgate, a new EU regulatory law aimed at preventing a repeat of #dieselgate, Nissan to shed some jobs in Sunderland, China is removing it’s protectionist policy on car production and sales, Amazon announce deliveries, Formula E and WRC are back this weekend, Dutch ‘singing road’ removed, how to get 8 months in prison, Gandini’s greatest hits and a new testing series that is all female.

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Episode 174: Transparency - OX is off to India, Tesla and NTSB argue, VW has a new CEO, JLR cuts production, Vauxhall to revise dealerships, Formula E Rome

This week technology does not seem to have thwarted the chaps in some way or another. So listen in as the chaps talk about the Gordon Murray OX prototype going to India, Tesla and NTSB arguing over how they should complete a safety investigation, Herbert Diess is the new CEO of VW, JLR is cutting agency workers and production thanks to a reduction in new car sales, Vauxhall will terminate all dealership contracts, John Miles is remembered, the Formula E result from Rome, Sweeden deploys an electric car charging road, Uber looking at all mobility options, Wyoming's most popular cars and what the Highway Code should actually contain. 

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Episode 173: Lack of Focus - VW to swap CEO, March 2018 New Car Registration figures, Shell release a surprising report, Car ads from yesterday

This week Andrew's sound is not to the quality we strive for, which we apologise. Hopefully, it will not detract from your enjoyment of the show.

The chaps discuss why VW is considering removing Muller, March 2018's New Car Registration figures, Shell release a surprising report, reminder that Formula E is back, WRC Rally Corsica result, discussion about autonomous vehicle design, which embassies owe for the Congestion Charge and adverts from a bygone age.

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Episode 171: Disingenuous - Silly survey, Uber accident one week on, BMW sued in US, Waymo selects Jaguar I-Pace, New hydrogen filling station opened

This week the chaps are having to wade through a lot of Follow Up. But there is news about the UK Autonomous project, Waymo selecting Jaguar I-Paces for testing, the WRC changes the rules for Power Stages, more money to fix pot holes, Lynk & Co announce their European production base. There's also some brief Parish Notes.

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