Dear Comrade - 13 August 2019

In this week's show, Alan and Andrew chat about how Mercedes could be facing a 1 billion euro fine in Germany over defeat devices, the Government has announced an extra £2.5 million for on-street charging infrastructure, Lotus brand revamp continues, a report from a think-tank makes the case for banning private cars in Central London, there is a safety recommendation to ban hands-free calls in cars, Brits break driving laws in France more than anywhere else in the EU, some cars can be stolen within 10 seconds, Jamie Chadwick wins the first W Series Championship, this week we have not one but two Lunchtime Watches, the List of the Week has a whiff of failure to it and our And Finally is a scoop via Instagram from someone we know.

As ever, we really hope you enjoy the show and feel free to get in touch with news items and feedback!

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Everything Has Changed - 6 August 2019

In this week's show, Alan and Andrew discuss new charges against Rupert Stadler over #Dieselgate, Aston Martin's Q1 results are in, the show is put right over AIR Index, July New Car Registration figures are out, UK car manufacturing falls in the first half of 2019, man who held his phone to film whilst driving is not guilty, an article about how LEVC is broadening it's vision to be sustainable long-term, Carwow gets investment from Daimler amongst others, Dennis scoops up Car Throttle and WTF1, Porsche can help you with your climate guilt, in Formula E the sad news that Jean-Paul Droit has passed away, WRC Finland results, a Lunchtime Read about keeping cars fun, a List of the Week to help us over the shock of the new Megane RS Trophy-R price, and wonderful video from Matteo Licata as our And Finally.

As ever, we really hope you enjoy the show and feel free to get in touch with news items, feedback or just to tell Alan that it's all okay!

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Tents are the Future - 30 July 2019

This week Alan is back with Andrew. Whilst they wait for the signs of the impending apocalypse the chaps discuss civil class action case against VW in the UK, how an organisation that wants a slice of the emission testing pie claims current tests aren't good enough, Carlos Tavares has to repeat his warning to those who are hard of hearing, Nissan is now cutting more jobs than thought, Aston Martin has to revise its sales target, JLR announces a loss, Ford is killing off the Ka+, BMW is now pondering culling some models from its vast lineup, the Government removes diesel choices but adds petrol to the car purchasing scheme, Blomqvist is keen to return to Formula E which many approve of, WRC Finland is this weekend, we support the 'Say No to Colworth' campaign and ask you do as well, the Lunchtime Read is a brilliant one from Autocar, List of the Week is a positive one, and the And Finally is a glimpse into the mad world of Russian home modified car world.

As ever we really hope you enjoy the show!

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Little Dragon Flag - 24 July 2019

This week Andrew is joined by Rachel Boagey as the Internet has possibly melted on the Continent.

In his absence, they discuss Ghosn suing Nissan for not following procedure, Oliver Zipse is the next BMW CEO, BWM boldly announce a fee for using Apple CarPlay, Fleet levels of CO2 has rised to a five year high, Volvo is recalling 507,000 4-cylinder diesel-engined cars globally, Riversimple smashes funding target, DfT announces 74-point safety strategy, Daimler and Bosch get Level 4 parking approval, Nissan refuses to retrofit technology to offset the Qashqai's real-world pollution, Ian Callum has returned to the Designers Mood Board, the Lunchtime Read actually comes from Alan , and the List of the Week allows us all to revel in the magnificence of some Citroëns.

We hope you enjoy the show and don't forget to follow Rachel who was kind enough to speak to a lonely Andrew.

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Unknown Unknowns - 16 July 2019

This week Andrew is joined by Alex Grant as Alan still cannot find the internet.

In his absence, they discuss how well the dashcam portal has gone, Ford and VW announced shared investment and EV platform sharing, Sunderland battery facility plans, the Government is guaranteeing a JLR loan, tyre and brake dust is the next on the list of pollutors, the reality of how vulnerable new cars are to keyless crime, as the summer holidays will be with us for all children this Friday we are warned which roads to avoid and when, Formula E Season 5 has finished, the Lunchtime Read is from a very straight-talking Aston Martin boss, the List of the Week is from Gavin Braithwaite-Smith again, and the And FInally has Andrew purring about the use of technoliogy and software code. Yes really! We hope you enjoy he episode!

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Herr Ronseal - 2 July 2019

This week Andrew returns, to join ranty Alan, and they discuss new Audi V6 diesel issues, new Madrid Mayor does pause low emission zone measures, PSA announce the factories that will build the new Astra however there is a big 'but', UK car production has dropped for the 12 months in a row, the Government proposes stiffer penalties for those who leave their vehicles idling, Porsche recalls Cayenne and Panameras due to an auto box issue, Mazda is to ditch touchscreens, new laws state EVs must make a noise below 12mph, Lookers dealer group sales practices under investigation, Mitsubishi Europe gets a new design boss, the Lunchtime Read is actually from Alan, a List of the Week of what could have been and the And Finally is a joyous one. Hope you enjoy the show!

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Bear Pit - 25 June 2019

This week Alan's solo and talks about VW compensation in the Czech Republic, the crises of the Alliance. The SMMT and CAMM agree to collaborate. Pollution-reducing speed limits become permanent in South Wales. VW has won a copyright claim over its most famous car, the danger of misnomers, Bern ePrix, Croppers talks to Herbert Diess, Autocar's Great British Women and the design genius of Marcello Gandini.

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Terribly Distracted by Myself - 17 June 2019

In this week's show, the chaps clear up the dreadful "reporting" in the wake of an incident at a hydrogen fueling station, Jaguar is voluntarily recalling the I-Pace, Audi is discussing recalling the e-tron in Europe, Scotland is leading the way when it comes to helping fleets transfer to EVs, the suggestion of blanket pavement parking bans is questioned, Formula E moves to Bern this weekend, calendars seem to be too difficult for the FIA to check, WRC Sardinia threw up a surprise right at the end, a Lunchtime Read centered on Bradford, a List of the Week of The Rules, and the And Finally that Alan had wished he'd read before we talked on the latest Special Edition. We hope you enjoy the show!

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Special Edition - 40th SMMT Test Day Review

Alan and Andrew were in the same place at the same time once again, so they decided to pop along to the 40th annual SMMT Test Day to find out more about what is happening in the industry, meet the manufacturers, try some cars and catch up with anyone who after seeing them would still speak!

Listen in to hear how the day went.

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Demented Muppet - 11 June 2019

In this week's show, the chaps discuss Ghosn's fightback against information being given to the press from the Rebel Alliance, the dramatic events of FCA pulling out of any deal with the Alliance, New Car Registration figures for May 2019, Ford looking to close the Bridgend engine factory, free driving lessons to young people in West Dunbartonshire, JLR and BMW agreeing to co-develop future EV tech, the sad news that Norman Dewis has passed away, the Government is thinking about using technology to catch noisy motorists, the first 150kW chargers will be installed in the UK soon, we have a link to Andy Blackmore’s wonderful Spotter Guide for Le Mans, Ian Callum is now awarded a CBE in the Queen's Honors List, Matteo Licata busts some design myths as our Lunchtime Watch recommendation and we gawp in awe at Dumas driving the ID.R very quickly indeed around the Nürburgring. We hope you enjoy the show!

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