Episode 223: Swallowed a positivity pill - 4 December 2018

On this week's episode, the chaps discuss the continued detention of Carlos Ghosn, Madrid bringing in the toughest car bans of any city so far, JLR will again temporarily lay off staff, new public charging points announced, Kia and Hyundai are let down by the official WLTP test, FCA is going to re-tool their Turin plant, Festival of the Unexceptional has a new home, Hyundai's UK Boss is stepping down, Formula E will have an Attack Mode and is looking to return to the UK, TVR factory is held up as no one paid attention to public sector procurement rules, Alan didn't buy a car last Sunday, a thought-provoking Lunchtime Read, and we celebrate the return of #AutoAdvent and now #AutoAdventLite!

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Episode 222: Going to finish this point - 27 November 2018

On this week's show, the chaps discuss the final resolution to the rear seat belt issue VW have, more fall-out from Ghosn being arrested, things look pretty grim for Vauxhall's Ellesmere Port plant, GM continues to shrink its operations, the release of a report into 20mph zones, DoT is investing in road safety initiatives, the new MOT emission standards are working, buses with autonomous technology will be on the Forth Road Bridge, the BBC has released their timetable for the new Formula E season, Quest TV will also be showing live races in the UK too, Best of British List of the Week, Alan went to a very good event which had the bonus of making Andrew jealous and they tell you how you can go bid on some cars that are part of a new TV series.

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Episode 221: Special Edition - Suzuki Vitara S Review

Suzuki Vitara S.jpeg

Andrew had a Suzuki Vitara for a week, how will it stand up to the rigors of the Cracked Windscreen horde over that period? Listen in as we hear about how this surprised him, how using it in one dry grassy field cannot be considered “off-road” and why on earth he likened it to a puppy chasing a stick. Continuing the Motoring Podcast’s unique manner in which they review!

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Episode 220: Rare Serious Moment - 20 November 2018

With world order restored, Alan is in a random hotel room whilst Andrew is back in his kitchen, the chaps discuss Carlos Ghosn's sudden arrest, Michelin to close their Dundee plant, Ordering an Alfa Romeo for test with Amazon Prime, the cost of failed driving tests, WRC Rally result and Championship winners, Formula E testing in Saudi Arabia give extra slots to teams with women test drivers, a Lunchtime Rear that will get you scouring the lower price bracket of internet car selling sites, and the amazing story of a truly inspiring person in the And Finally.

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Episode 219: You are part of the problem - 13 November 2018

On this week's episode, the chaps hail the first of eight mandatory recalls being given the go-ahead for Audi, Daimler and VW will pay for retrofitting older diesels whilst BMW won't, VW's independent auditor says there's still lots of compliance work to do yet, a UK report surprised no-one when it stated most PHEV owners have never plugged their car in, much discussion has been had about what is the future of PHEVs in the UK, Paris is banning pre-2001 diesels whilst Stuttgart looses it appeal therefore will ban them also, in another (non) shock news from the RAC that if you ignore the smart motorway rules you'll get driving penalties, Law Commission launches the first of several public consultations into the fitness of UK law when it comes to autonomous vehicles, reminder that the deciding round of the WRC takes place this weekend in Australia, Formula E will be shown live on the BBC in the 2018/19 season, the chaps were at the Race of Remembrance in Anglesey, a very Citroëny List of the Week and a Sweedish flavoured And Finally.

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Episode 218: Special Edition - Mazda 6 GT Sport Nav+ Review

Andrew had a Mazda 6 saloon, for a week, to find out what the differences are on this new model. Listen in as the upgrade to the interior has surprised many, Alan explains, in a lot of detail, how clever the SKYACTIVE engines are and the chaps get a bit geeky about a new paint technique. Who says we don't do in-depth reviews?

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Episode 216: Live Feedback - 6 November 2018

On this week's episode, there is a change to German legislation which means VW is facing a class-action, October's New Car Registration figures are out and dissected, the surprise news on VW's UK boss is leaving, police recommend pay before filling at all petrol stations, news that child car seat laws still have parents confused, the not so surprising news that parents driving the school run are distracted, there are growing fears that motorsport may become all but impossible to stage due to EU legislation, a cracking List of the Week and a drool-worthy And Finally.

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Episode 215: Bet Hedging - 31 October 2018

On this week's show Andrew apologises for last week's show notes being linkless, Stadler is released from custody, Porsche Holding SE is ordered to compensate shareholders, Ford temporarily shuts their JLR engine line, JLR's Slovakian plant opens, the plug-in hybrid grant fund is used up early, what the Budget means to motorists, Faraday Future's co-founder resigns, Ford starts production of the new ST engine, Highway's Agency mulls over upgrading some A-Roads, Loeb shows he still has 'it', Mazda has a new European Design chief, Hyundai Group designers play musical chairs, a cracking Lunchtime Read from Michael Banovsky, a fast List of the Week and the opening of a brilliant place is the And Finally.

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